Dynaudio 15W75-04 + Esotar T330D

Dynaudio Esotar T330D (double magnet) and 15W75-04 midbass.

Make sure the tweeter is the double magnet type seen here. Other variant won't work with the given crossover.

T330DA D-Magnet

12 dB LR crossover.

Cabinets made from 19 mm MDF.

SPL response taken at 1-meter distance, tweeter height.

Fine-tuning of notch filters: Green = without notch filters.
Red = 10-12 kHz notch filter inserted.
Blue = both notch filters inserted.

SPL response from combined and individual drivers.
Blue = minimum phase.

The inspiration for this design came from John Kreskovsky at http://www.geocities.com/kreskovs/John1.html. Unfortunately this two-way design (Morel tweeter) is no longer available from his website.
The 15W75-04 (or -"08" for 8 ohms version) is a particular “troublesome” driver as it has two intrinsic resonances that have to be taken care of in the crossover design. I have been testing the drivers in a two-way design with the Esotar tweeter and got a very nice response profile – and a quite complex parallel crossover. Two notch filters were necessary to eliminate two resonances at 2.3 kHz and 10-12 kHz. I had to fine-tune the crossover for my 4 ohms version where John’s were based on 8 ohms drivers.