SEAS CA18RNX, 2-way, built by Kimon, AU
Copyright 2012 Troels Gravesen


Hi Troels, Hello from Sydney!
I was going to go out and buy another set of speakers off the shelf, when a friend of mine suggested I build my own speakers, and put me onto your great website.
I have since spent hours reading your articles, and they have really helped guide me in the right direction. Well I just wanted to say a big thankyou for your SEAS CA18RNX 2-way floorstander design, which I built last month. They sound better than my old Event PS8 studio monitors, which I have since sold, because these Seas speakers do so well. I was originally going to make just a pair of compact 2-ways like your Seas 5 inch or maybe your Scanspeak 5 inch, but then I thought I might as well go for the floorstander, so that they can do double duty as my main HI-FI speakers, but also later down the track if I want to get back into producing music again, as my main monitors. 8 years ago I paid over $2000 for my Events, and they were my main reference in my studio for many years. The Events are a very neutral sounding speaker, and my mixes translated well to other platforms, but these Seas sound better, are more open and have a larger soundstage. The bass is deeper and better defined, and the highs are never harsh...I was really surprised at the detail I was getting out of these. I played Madonna's Ray of Light, and it was like listening to the album for the first time all over again! As you can see from the pictures, I haven't bothered to finish the speakers just yet, and I have decided to mount the crossovers on the outside, just in case I want to modify anything...but honestly, I wouldn't change a obviously made the right decisions in the crossover!
Thanks again, and keep up your great work! -- Cheers Kimon