SEAS 3-Way Classic, built by Nazar, US
Copyright 2013 © Troels Gravesen


Hi Troels!
I am Nazar Karpinsky, native Ukrainian living in USA.
I have successfully finished speakers! Accomplished my dream come true . I have always wanted to make a nice set of good sounding speakers. I was searching through a number of russian magazines for a schematics for speakers. And then i have discovered your web page.   And to be honest with you the information i found there was very valuable and interesting to read. Ive decided to make your 3-way classics. I wasnt wasting my time when working on them. It wasnt an easy task for me since ive never done any wood work like that. My friend owns a wood workshop. And he made veneer on cabinets and he also helped me with other stuff.   I did crossovers myself, it wasnt hard. I had worked with electronics before. The sound of speakers is soft and they are loud enough without any distortion. And i was very impressed how good they are. The sound was like balsam for my soul. I am listening to them any chance i get free time and enjoy the sound. 
My amplifer is Harman Karodon and cd player from Denon.  
I would like to thank you for the information that you provide!