3-way Classic, built by Egor
Copyright 2012 Troels Gravesen

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Dear Troels

Recently I finished your 3WC in closed box, and first of all I have to thank you for designing such versatile speakers. They handle easily almost (since I'm not familiar with symphonies and cannot evaluate their performance here) all genres I've tried. I don't think that you have big listening experience in extreme metal, but I can definitely tell, that 3WC is very suitable for such speakers abuse. You surely know how they perform normal acoustic and clean vocals, and they work equally well with violently distorted guitars and sick screams, grunts and growls. For some people such presentation of music ("easy" music) was kind of overly calm and distant, even when lead singer was in front of them, but for heavy genres this is a blessing. No listening fatigue within half a day at "massaging" sound pressure levels! No emphasizing of hard clipping or torn vocal chords: you hear this, you understand this, but you listen music as a whole without focusing on any detail if you don't want to. Bass performance is good enough too. Basically, in my 18 sq.m. room I do not need more bass. But if someone is willing to make small metalfest, subwoofer augmentation is a must. With proper support from my 12" sealed sub they can deliver thunderous 5 or 6-string bass guitar and machinegun double bassdrum without lack of clarity and detail at antisocial SPLs. Growling vocals became much more clear - there's no need in reading lyrics anymore. Of course, if vocals was articulated and recorded properly, like Behemoth, Deicide or Amon. There's only one trouble with this speakers - made properly, they are huge and heavy. Mine (sealed and completely made from 25 mm MDF) are 50 cm in depth and weight around 30 kilograms each. So, If some very strange metalhead will ask you, what project is suitable for metal (preferably oldschool classic subgenres due to unevitably warm paper-and-fabric sound) you can recommend my experience.

PS My setup: KRK ERGO, Arcam P1 power amps, M&K 1250THX sub and your 3WC, replacing System Audio Ranger.

PPS I don't think that my incarnation of 3WC will significantly differ from all other builders' replies, so there's no pictures. Only one detal:due to big depth they looks like Penaudio standmounts on steroids... :)

Best regards, Egor.