3W-Classic built by JanK/Canada

Hi there.
Built your 3 way classic with Solen components and as you suggested the vent port in the back of the enclosure same hight as the midrange but opp side of the box Cross over outside the box,too cute to stick in a box, components mounted on lexan plate and  all the coils the correct distance apart.
Thanks for your design.
The speakers? You have heard this so many times, but here it comes again. Thanks for a new collection of music All those little details I never heard for the last 40 years. WAF is 100%. PMS is probably next when $ are avail.
Life is good Jan K - in the middle of nowhere (front yard in pic)

Good afternoon Mr Gravesen
You asked for an image of the work in progress of the classic 3 way This is one of  the two stands for the speaker , and as you suggested , with no extension of the front baffel ,stand top tiltable plus minus 5 degrees Am working on the final speaker boxes ,this time made from birch plywood and finished with a raw silk grill A familie member , prof audio mixer for  over 25 years , had only one thing to say about them I want that pair , and when I asked for the reason,  he said that they gave him an image of the space the music was performed in Everybody else, including people with vast sound systems,  were blown out of their socks by the sound Sorry , I'm not an audio critic so no veiled imaging or velvety smooth twinkeldings here
My compliments and thanks again for the design, Jan K.

30/10/2008: Here is the result of my improvisation of your wonderful  3-way.
Had a  spike around 40-70 hz in the original plywood speakers and didn't know if it were the speakers or the room (according to a room accoustics website I had the worst possible shape------> width and depth twice the hight of the room) with a tile floor facing the kitchen. At elevated levels it was like sitting in an pipe organ while  a Buxtehude fuge was being played.
Made the volume of these final speakers 3 liters bigger (box 2 cm longer and the midrange  from 1.5 to 1.7 L volume  to try out diff volumes (Sand bags inside the box to reduce vol) To my surprise I didn't have to adjust anything and the low range sounds now perfect ?? Wish you and your family a fine christmas and a good new year.
Thanks again Jan K