SEAS 3-Way Classic mkII, built by Alex
Copyright 2015 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
My SEAS 3-Way Classics are finally complete! I have attached some photos, and would be happy for you to post them up as a Builder’s Report on your site.
They are built pretty faithfully to your very clear plans, although I did make some changes, some for aesthetic reasons, and some because of the lack of the appropriate woodworking tools (in particular, I don’t own a router). The inner carcass is a sandwich of 6mm and 3.5mm plywood, with an outer cladding of 12mm American Cherry. The baffle is made up of layers of ply and MDF, all covered in recycled black leather. The stands are constructed entirely of cherry, with 30mm uprights, 18mm top and bottom shelves, and reinforcements made up of offcuts from the 12mm slats I used for the outside of the speakers. 
The Classics are running in, and so far I am very happy with the sound, driven by my push-pull 300B monoblocs (from a design by Kevin Kennedy) and homemade Vacuum State SVP. The overall character is quite similar to that of my own design of three-way speakers that I have been using for the last fifteen years, but rather more balanced, lacking the lower bass boom and slightly weak upper bass of the latter. Perhaps it is the second order crossover, but they do indeed sound somehow warmer and more natural than my old speakers with their 4th order Linkwitz Riley filters. As you say, the Classics are easy to drive and very easy to listen to. I started off with your “default” value of  2R7 for the tweeter series resistor R1011, but quite quickly changed this to 2R2, as the treble was a little too soft.
Many thanks again for your advice on my project, and for providing such a terrific resource to the community in your DIY pages.
Best regards,