Stoned 3WC, built by Federico, Italy
Copyright 2012 © Troels Gravesen

Finally some pictures of my (actually your) 3W classic! I simply adore their 70ies look more than any other 2+1 columns out there; just look at our attic how cosy it is now...The weight: 47kg + 24kg of speaker stands…
Internal dimension: 26 X 49.5 X 32 cm that's 41 litres. Driver placement and front baffle dimensions strictly as in you layout.
I won't comment on the sound, I'm obviously biased like all other DIYer. Don't we all find our "creation" the best thing ever made?

Still some general comments:
During the first set up phase I was a bit worried. The sound was promising but it was like listening to a sub + two small size speakers, where is the upper low end? It all sounded cold.
Therefore I've tried a full array of resistors for tweeter and mid attenuation. Big waste of time!
The sound I experienced at the beginning was mostly due to drivers brake in time, you have been warning us about that on many places in your site. But really, it's a 100-150 hours break in time before decisions on attenuation or refinements on internal damping should be taken. Also the stand and final placement play a decisive role in tweeter attenuation. In the end it is now as in your crossover sketch.
But, I reckon that if this loudspeaker would be placed in our much larger living room, and consequently play louder; the tweeter should definitely be more attenuated.
By using different materials, different caps and coils, different mid box than in your project, in the end, I wonder if we are listening to the same speaker. Coloration and lushness to the sound as you described? I wouldn't say so.
To me the main characteristic of the 3W classic is how fast, energetic and sharp the music is delivered. To illustrate what I mean, it is exactly like the first time I saw an Audi in front of me with LED blinkers on; how rapidly light would turned on and off !… so is the music on the 3W classic, and it all sound so natural and full of details!
When I place my hands on the sides of the speaker or anywhere in the front baffle I am amazed on how hardly no vibrations can be perceived. This must be the consequence of using granite and by bracing with the hardest wood I could find (so hard in fact, that my circular saw got stuck half way in every cut I made…) The slightest movement by the driver is transformed in sound rather than vibrations…
But it is not only roses. 3W classic is unforgiving with poorly recorded music like, sadly, most Pop music is. There is such a difference in sound when letter "S" are pronounced in a good jazz record than in most of today's Pop records and even worse in 80's ones. And forget about connecting the various family ipads & iphones or even internet radio. Through these speakers the downsides of mp3 and compression in general is highlighted as never before. And this for my children is a serious drawback.

I've been testing them with 3 amplifications, My beautiful 100% ClassA AMAudio, a somewhat ClassA Musical Fidelity A120, and the much cheaper & eco-friendly ClassT Kingrex with only 12 watts. (with its PSU and preamp). And I could safely say that 12 watts are plenty sufficient! This IS THE speaker I'd recommend to all ClassT or D lovers.
For the records, the source in use is my outdated iMac + M2tech Hiface + Valab Dac (heavily modded).

Final conclusion:
3W classic is perfect for making a good but not so expensive systems truly shine in a context of playing not too loud in a room 20-30 m2. But above all, they are perfect in educating the ears of my children to good music.
I will never be able to fully express my gratitude for your generosity in letting us benefit from your level of knowledge. Kudos to you Troels!
Grazie mille,

Hej Troels,
Tusind tak for hjælpen til dette store projekt. Nu hvor det er fuldfoert ser jeg mere til min mand igen og hele familien nyder den gode musik.
Mange hilsner fra Carina (Federico’s danske hustru)
(Many thanks for help during this big project. Now completed I see my husband again and the whole family enjoy the good music. Best regards from Carina (Federico's Danish wife)