3W-Classic, built by Slawek/Poland
Copyright 2010 Troels Gravesen

Hello Troels. I have just finished Your project 3 way classic. It sounds wonderfull and I`m surprised how transparent, precision with excellent bass reproduction they are. Thank You very much for showing it on Your web side. With best regards, Slawomir S.

Slavomir, thanks for reporting back on your project. I really like seeing someone priotising the quality of crossover components as much as you do. I'm sure your system demonstrates that there is more to get from not the most expensive drivers. I like your stands allowing proper tilting of cabinets with regard to listening position and the damping material on the walls showns that the room is an integral part of any system. I assume you have tried having the midrange and tweeter towards the center, which would be my default position. Best regards, Troels.