3-way Classic, built by Mr. Wang, China
Copyright 2013 © Troels Gravesen



Dear Troels,
Thank you with such  nice designs,and debugging phase for support. Now,I used spare time of three months to finish the DIY.The inspired of speaker appearance from ATC, I think this could have a very strong case. The front panel is a  20mm aluminum, made it with CNC machines, the surface was sprayed  of car paint.  The case  production by 25mm MDF, the surface of case paste wood veneer . 
After the completion, the weight of one speaker is 30KG, which is really too heavy, but this will be use of the elimination of this resonance. The speaker and my tube power amplifier is very matched, I am very satisfied .Thanks again.
Best wishes, Mr. Wang  From Deyang Sichuan, China