3-Way Classic, built by Marshall
Copyright 2013 © Troels Gravesen


Hi there.
Just wanted to show you my build of the 3 way classic. I read as much as I could about speaker designs over a two year period and finally decided this was what I wanted to build. I picked them because I enjoy detailed playback, but don't want so much detail that I cant play any music or recording that I want to. I used a combination of 18mm 7 ply void free walnut and 18mm Baltic birch with many plys. The birch was noticably denser than the walnut plywood, so if there is a next time ill just veneer birch plywood myself. I built the crossovers from solen components purchased from meniscus audio, as were the drivers. The boards I built the crossovers on were to big to allow for a brace in the lower portion of the cab, so I put 2mm of bitumen and screwed the crossover boards over the top of that. It still sounds different tapping the cab in that area than the area with 2 braces. I should have taken the time to build the crossover layout you suggest and I would have been able to keep the  lower brace. I kept the cab sealed because my living room is small and gets very resonant at about 30 hz? Though I did purchase the ports to add when I have a bigger room to play them in. I am extremely pleased with the sound. Thank you very much for the website you maintain. You're a gentleman and a scholar.Thanks again, Marshall