3-Way Classic, built by Victor, Ukraine
Copyright 2012 Troels Gravesen

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Dear Troels,
My name is Viktor, I am from Poltava, Ukraine. Recently I have finished your project " 3 - way classic". I made MDF body plus oak with Herberts toning and 9 layers of Sayerlack and men made leather. Inside I put 30 mm of thick felt and midrange padding polyester inside a box.
This body inspired me:
Please, don't think it is a plagiarism. I made the body all by myself. I have a small woodworking workshop. I made ash support by myself too.
This is my work from the beginning to the end:
1. http://saveimg.ru/show-image.php?id=4cbd7ac639ee87cae8cb551303677f74
2. http://saveimg.ru/show-image.php?id=d3ac6dade8878dba69dfcc7c439d8395
3. http://saveimg.ru/show-image.php?id=c1090e620e587e1651e8d87aa0c4b5e1
4. http://saveimg.ru/show-image.php?id=de45b7dfdcf666598a58f0125c1c1f5a
5. http://saveimg.ru/show-image.php?id=8022674c002a3c7efe271e8fd2636ce0
6. http://saveimg.ru/show-image.php?id=b1fd0b03357429f1076341f88930bdb5
7. http://saveimg.ru/show-image.php?id=1c850256fac99148b2d9d9f9d351aba3
8. http://saveimg.ru/show-image.php?id=cb3f3f6f0705734d3f4baf372750b2e0
9. http://saveimg.ru/show-image.php?id=7e662db8a58a293e21651c9f34bc4036

The wall thickness is 27 mm, total weight is 28 kg. The throttle I made myself and impregnate with lacquer. I used around 6 kg of copper. I made the body a slight bigger because my throttle are bigger than those you used. I wanted to save a volume. Vent tuning around 36 Hz.
I have some concern about Impedance: http://saveimg.ru/show-image.php?id=cc0064f949e6113c314e1cb42d371e25
In the area of 200hz?
I also measured TND+N
How do you think, does it look real?
I used:
I also tried the vent tuning for 45 Hz, but I did not like it.
For filters I used Bennic capacitors because of sours economy, and usual white " blocks" resistors.
I would like to know your opinion about reasonability of using more expensive crossover components for this construction, and about " white blocks" - resistors. You gave a really good comparison with, for example, electromagnetic relay " in- flight" of two pare of acoustic with the expensive crossover components and cheap ones. What do you think about my speaker, should I use more expensive components and what would work best?
My source point is M - Audio 2496 plus foobar.
My amplifier - http://cxo.lv/index.php/solder/amps/43-holton00
What do you'd think, do I need a higher level source for my speakers? Should I use E-MU 1212 or ASUS STX, and is there any sense, in your opinion, in those kind of speakers?
In my case, I wasn't able to get a distance more than 5 cm between a magnet CA22RNX and L2041, L2031. http://saveimg.ru/show-image.php?id=049f12e9bbf034682a9f2fcb6cb70d0c How important that reciprocal effect?
Now, I want to talk a little about sound: Mid - detailed, a little bright (screaming) on the level above mid, I don't know, maybe because of room. Low sound - quite clear, but not enough of a low range ( range down?) Maybe F3 = 45 Hz...
I am satisfied with the sound- my time wasn't waisted.
Thank you very much for creation of those speakers. You are a great constructor.
Sincerely, Viktor, Ukraine.