SEAS 3-Way Classic, built by Jonatan
Copyright 2010 Troels Gravesen

Hiya Troels,
I've just started building the 3w Classic, some progress pictures can be found
here. Will add more pics as I go along, so far so good. My first DIY project and can't wait to finish them! Thanks for sharing your projects!

Swift reply! Yeah, I've chamfered it a little but it needs more after I reread the article, thanks for pointing that out to me!
best regards, Jonatan Prins

I have arrived at the damping stage, put some sheepwool in and line all walls with egg plate things 60mm. Was wondering if you had any advice on this. Was this a bad idea? does overdamping kill the sound eg make it less spacial? The air can flow, but at some points the tunnel is a bit small. Especially next to the midrange cab. would it be better to use all sheepwool on the walls except on the back and use a combination of sheep and egg plate material? Would have to buy some more materials so I'd like to know your opinion on this if you have the time to do so :P. Some listening tests sound a bit boomy, haven't used a proper source or amp on those though and I placed them on resonating wooden table without spikes and the back standing lose so air can not only escape from the port but also from the sides, so disgarding the boomy sound for now, closed cab listening test next weekend, can't wait!
Also, I will try to take the speakers into a local audioshop and compare it to some speakers there. Also to try it on different tube amps like the audionote kits, I hope I have time for this soon. I'll report back to you when I do!
Thusfar a very rewarding project, I am really getting more and more excited about the DIY world! I will update the pictures soon.

Hey Troels!
I little update.
I've decided to remove the 60mm Foam and replace it with 2mm bitumen pads and 10-20 mm wool lining to keep the volume somewhat intact, I felt the 60mm foam made the sound boring and just not as detailed. The midrange had quite some wool in it's 2.2L cab which also kinda killed the soundstage and made it quite boring, removed all of it wich made it a little too light, so stil experimenting. Don't have an easy tool to do the chamfering so I use a chisel. think I'll chamfer some more also since the CA12 is a very light unit and all the screws which are used to hold it are more then enough so I am trying to find the smallest but strong enough margin to hold the speaker. Does chamfering of the woofer do anything good for the sound? Considered doing that a little also.
Still enjoying this project _alot_ and looking into the JA8008 in a TQTW setup for a next project, still future talk though, probably not untill the summer, at least. I am getting way ahead of myself here;p. 
Thanks again for all the quick responses! Regards, Jonatan Prins