3W-Classic, built by Richard Kuba/Slovakia

Hello Troels, thank you for another high value project. More impressions after "warm up" of speakers.

All photos are real, only cuting from background - my photo-atelier is not very nice:-) Construction: MDF 19-29 mm+19mm massive oak (painted with teak oil), leather imitation, weight about 40 kg/each, stands - 29 mm painted MDF + matt laquer, rubber pads Damping - 20mm fiber glass on top+bottom, 40 mm fiber glass on back wall + synthetic damping fleese inside.
On photos missing spikes between stand and enclosure.
Speakers looking pretty massive and imo more stylish like 3-way floorstanders.   First testing with 3 amplifiers (NAD320, Sony 650 ESD, Dual 1460) - loudspeakers need better amplifier - I'll tray biamping with 2x Rotel 980. Bass - without any bumping, very decent, smooth and clear, very good crossing with midbass Mid - meantime little sharp, but very clear (amp?)
High - without problem, lot of details
Depth of stage - little shallow (amp?) (First) conclusion - very clear and flat monitor character of sound - maybe IŽll try built active version:-)   One more time thank you for every DIY loudspeakers fans:-)   RK

Hi Richard, thanks for your feedback on the 3W-Classic. For sure some impressive cabinet work - and the stands really takes a classic design into the 21st Century.
A good 4" midrange will always be very revealing and amplifier matching may be important as well as musical source.
If you find the mid too forward, try 2R7 (R2011) or ultimately 3R3 in series with the midrange. Super caps for the midrange (C2021) may be an option too, although 33+5.6 uF (or 15+15+8.2) does not come cheap.

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