3W-Classic built by Stephen/US

Just a short note from northern Virginia in the USA  to say thank you for the 3w classic design which i have built andhave been enjoying for a few weeks now. I followed your plans and built the cabinets using cherry veneers and solid cherry quarter round around the front baffle. I listen to a lot of classical and find these speakers can handle anything I throw at them. I grew up listening to my father`s Spendor BC1s and find these to be quite similar except that they are much more detailed.

As you can see I'm powering them with a single ended KT88 ultralinear tube amp which gives me around 9w per channel. I can play them louder than I can stand which is a testament to their design.    

Here with the screen off.


Here with the screen on.
This is a thoroughly recommended project for anyone looking for a reasonably sized fullrange pair of standmounts
that are great allround speakers. Thanks again Troels. Regards, Stephen White.