8008-CENTER, built by Vyacheslav, US
Copyright 2021 © Troels Gravesen

Hello Troels, I hope all is good with you and your family. My long overdue project of constructing your 8008 Center project is finally completed. It took me 2 years to finish it, COVID 19, house repairs and my own stupid mistakes all contributed to the delay. Long story short it was finished last weekend and I have had it for a week to listen to it. I like it very much, there is no comparison to my old Polk speaker, a top of the line when I bought it around 20 years ago. Even when I was testing crossovers, I heard a very promising separation between bands, clarity and smoothness of the sound and it all turned to be true. The conversations are very clear, sound of the speaker is very pleasant to my ears, even bass is good. I built a 55 L version as we discussed after I ruined my first construction of 45L version by undercutting panels by 2mm. I think I did right thing of making 55L version. My front panel was made from a solid piece of Mahogany, 1.5inch thick. This is where I made my second mistake, in a rush to finish speaker I cut facing in a wrong direction and $300 solid Mahogany slab went to the garbage and I had to start from the scratch. Lesson to learn, always test-cut before you do a final cut, I knew this, but became to lazy and paid my price. Another point is that cutting at angles requires different sets of skills and tools, but again it all comes to a learning curve. The reward for all of the troubles is a very nice sounding Speaker. I just would like to thank you again for all of your hard work, this is my your second project, I did your subs couple years ago and I’m very happy with them since than. My next project probably will be ScanSpeak Bookshelf speakers I promised to make for my daughter, life will show. Ones again, thank you and I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Vyacheslav, NYC


Troels Gravesen:
Here's some additional comments from Vyacheslav:

  1. The adjustable Corner Clams are from this seller Merle Band Clamp with Self Adjusting Jaws ( I believe you were interested in these as well after I sent you pictures of my Subs construction, but it was couple years ago 😊
  2. The Corner blocks are from this US based shop in OH Clamping Square Plus & CSP Clamps - Wood Clamps | Woodpeckers these are expensive, but precisely made. They also have a lot of other woodworking tools, all of the highest quality.
  3. The miter springs are available on Amazon Collins Miter Spring Pliers and 13 Miter Clamps - -, they are very strong and help to initially set up corners, if you do not use Tape.
  4. My table saw tilts to the left, so I could not use my sliding table and  to make front panel facing,  I had to make a jig and used Tapering Jig (see last picture), it allows to adjust angle in 0.125 degree increments.