Peerless 830860/XT25, built by Nikos/Greece
Copyright 2011 Troels Gravesen
Hi Troels,
I've just finished the Peerless 830860 / XT25TG-30-04 project and  i am totally amazed from the sound it produces. I just can't stop listening them..! This was my first DIY speaker project.
At first, I built the 8.2 Liter cabinets but then switched to floorstanders. I divided the cabinet in 4 levels(mainly for bracing). In the upper part i put the speakers, and in the level below it i placed the crossover. The last level was filled with cement rocks. I tried many different resistor values for tweeter attenuation(from 1.8 to 4.7), but the 3.3ohm sounded best to me. I have some images attached.
Keep Building!
Best regards, Nikos/Greece