Hypex files for download
Copyright 2020 © Troels Gravesen

I have decided to make all the Hypex files public for the sake of ease, thus the files will no longer come on a memory stick with the kit.
An exception is Ekta-2D as the file here is the very core of the speaker.


Check Hypex website for latest version:




Hypex FA501 or FA251.
The zip files contains 2 files. Read CNO-4 page to lear more.
Download CNO-4 zip file


Hypex FA501 or FA251.
Download zip file here. The Ellipticor-3 file contains 2 files, one for using a high-pass filter before your main amplifier and one file for not doing so. When you have a high-pass filter in front of your power amplifier and take the signal from the speaker cables this will have a roll-off around 80 Hz. This is compensated in the Hypex file to regain a flat input before the low-pass filter is added. As alway, the filter also contains a 2nd order high-pass filter at 20 Hz to facilitate vinyl lovers.

Should you want to use the FA252, download
here. This needs a line signal from your preamplifier.


Hypex FA252. Here we need a two channel Hypex to drive the 12" and 10" bass drivers.
Download zip file


Hypex FA251. FA501 can be used as well, but I think the FA251 is enough.
Download zip file


Hypex FA-252. This almost digital speaker needs a 2-channel amplifier, thus FA252.
Download zip file here.


MUN-17 (now open kit)
Hypex FA501 or FA251. Since introduction, the FA501 has come along and is a much easier implementation compared to the original FA252.
Download zip file here.


Hypex FA252: Download zip file here.
Hypex PSC2.400d here. The very first version had this plate-amp.
Hypex PSC2.400d with 4 dB bass boost here.


The Loudspeaker-1 and The Loudspeaker-2
Hypex FA501. I'd certainly use no less that the FA501 here although FA251 may do well too, but an 18" bass driver needs an iron fist.
Download zip file here.


The Loudspeaker-3
Hypex FA251 or FA501.
Download zip file here.


ScanSpeak subwoofer, 10" and 12"
FA251 or FA501. I wouldn't use less than a FA501 for the 12" version.
Download zip file here.


Faital 10" bass module
Hypex FA251. FA251 is more than enough for the 10" bass driver.
Download zip file here.


Some previous files on Hypex programming: (only for Ekta 2D)