AudioTechnology 3WC, built by Dominic
Copyright 2019 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
Here is my Project report from building and listening to my AudioTechnology 3-Way Classic.

Building the speakers:
* I was able to source a 25mm thick 1220 x 2440 Valchromat Black MDF which is super hard and dense. This board was used for sides, top, bottom and back so the enclosure is +5mm bigger in all directions.
* I placed the attenuation resistors on a separate board connected to banana terminals to be able to adjust midrange and tweeter level from the outside.
* I decided to make the front panel mounted using screws to enable future upgrades
* The enclosure was high gloss painted and dynatex texture coating was applied on the front panel
* Weight 31kg/each excluding speaker stands
* It took 4 months from ordering the kit until the speakers was finished
* Total cost excluding work hours €4000
The sound:
I finished the project some 1,5 months ago and now I start to understand the qualities of these speakers.
The first impression was very confusing; -fizzy highs, a quite laid back and analytical sound. The instrument placements changed and the singer was not centered between the speakers on all recordings anymore.
After elaborating with speaker positioning, getting more hours listening and burn in of the speakers I started to understand more. The higher frequencies got leaner, I realized that the placement of instruments was a lot more precise than before, and the laid back character was more an effect of the endless depth of the soundstage, you get drawn into the recording studio! The level of details is really at the highest end. Listening to Adele's "Someone like you" is almost scary; -you are basically in the recording studio, not only hearing Adele's voice, you also hear the reflections of the recording room and how the vocal cords of Adele vibrate.. goose bump all over. It's the best hifi experience I've had in my life.
As you probably realize this kind of resolution requires the best possible source and amplifier you can afford because these speakers are extremely honest.