ATR built by Sjaak/Holland

Mail #1:
Hello Troels.
This evening, I was able to listen to the ATR.2 ( weighting a solid 18 kg piece !) for the first time, frankly I couldn't wait any longer, because the cabinet still needs to be finished in terms of making the round edges and painting it in high gloss Bordeau red. Which is a lot of work as you very well know ! The first impression is one of being 'taken' by the sound. One of my cd's to check a speaker's capacity is the soundtrack of the movie "Himalaya" by Eric Valli. The second track start with this amazing Tibettan drum, which sound with my Premium 11 just good, but with the ATR2 the outroll of the drum - which can be felt in the chest- goes much further and deeper, the next track is a true test for producing a clear voice, and sitting in the middle of the speakers suddenly the male singer starts to get 'lose' from the speakers and it is as if he stands right in front of me and automatically opened my eyes to look. Unfortunately it's getting late and I don't want to wake the up the rest of the family. So I have to wait until tomorrow. It will be difficult to remove the speakers and pick up the finishing job ..... . Anyway a very fine first impression after one month of work. I have taken loads of pictures so in time I will send you the best one's with a few remarks. Above all I want to thank you for the idea for this project and your personal support in this.
Best regards, Sjaak.

After having the panels sawn, I milled in the side panels a 4 mm deep groove to fit the brace.
Glueing three sides at a time saves time, but youl’ll need a bunch of clamps to keep it paralel and square.

Apply the 4mm bitumen and the ‘BR’ –pipe . I don’t trust the self adhesive bitumen so I use contact glue (Bisontix)
on the panelside to make sure it doesn’t come lose. The BR pipe is a drainpipe of 76mm.
An old adjustable hole-cutting divice is able to make holes with great precision( 0,2).

Home made circular milling device with gauge to adjust the depth.
Second stage of construction, for which I use 1-component PU glue.

Tweeter cabinet with bitumen of which I had plenty, and remembered Troels statement that these speakers can’t be spoiled enough!

Ready for ‘Prytex’or egg-crate , being cut on 45 degrees to make a nice fit.

Filter with the three bomb’s of ‘Superior’ cap’s.

PS: As you can see, the layout of the filter is differend in order to fit on the bottom of the cabinet.
Later I can provide the “Making of the filter”

How much courage does it take do remove the speakers and give the cabinet a nice finish?
They look mediocre but the sound is magnificent!