AudioTechnology ATS-4-HE, built by David

Copyright 2021 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
After following your site for a couple of years, the itch to build a new pair of speakers started to become unbearable. The past 1.5 years I have been building your amazing ATS-4HE design. They are finished now, except for the mesh metal grills on the sides near the 12-inch woofer. I have not been able to find the mesh needed on the Caribbean island where I am currently living. The building took quite some time and was very challenging since I never even touched a router or saw table before this project. So, the building process also involved learning how to use these power tools. My previous speakers were also DIY, but everything was pre-sawed and pre-routed. Doing everything yourself from scratch is much more rewarding!
I have included some pictures of the process and the final outcome. I have used black “water resistant” HDF because of the humid coastal climate here. Furthermore, I installed some small but powerful magnets in the front panels to hold the grills (in order to improve the WAF; woman acceptance factor). At first my wife was not happy with these “monsters” but after seeing and hearing the final result, she is ok with them. I also choose to keep the filters external; not my initial intention but after changing the Alumen Z caps for the tweeter for Jantzen Amber Z and Duelund tinned copper caps, they were too bulky to fit properly. Since I probably need to move the speakers a couple of times in the future, this also makes handling them easier.
They sound amazing! I took me some time to fine tune the bass level using the software for the plate amps and a measuring microphone to get is right. But it was well worth all the effort! At first you may think “is the bass unit working?” but when there are low frequencies in the recording, you can not only hear but also feel them, up to the point that the windowsills started rattling during a movie scene. What I also love about these speakers is how voices sound. Awesome! Best way to describe the sound is “brutally honest”; these speakers let me experience fantastic recordings in a way I never heard them before! But crappy badly mixed tracks sound just like that; like garbage. Bottom line probably one of the best, if not the best speakers I have heard.
Thank you for sharing your amazing designs!
Best regards,