ATS4, built by Tim
Copyright 2017 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels/Per/Michael,
Finally finished my ATS4 project and wheeled the new speakers into my listening room yesterday. At 207 lbs/94 kg each total, I’m glad I had a hand truck to maneuver them into my room. I put them on nylon feet temporarily to enable moving them around and into a favorable position - the only way to go with these heavy babies. The midrange and tweeter cabs have spikes imbedded in them for positioning and vibration control, and that ended up working quite well. They are a great fit for my listening room.
I’ve only had one evening of listening so far, but I can say the bass control is excellent, and the overall sound is very smooth compared to my old speakers (SEAS Thor design). Dynamics equally impressive. Female vocals seem a bit recessed, though - I’m hoping with break-in the sound will open up. Troels, any idea on how long break-in takes?
I opted to build some grills for the bass cabinets, which are held in place by imbedded magnets in the front baffles. They really clean up the visual clutter in a way similar to what Troels did with his black foam application (though we can easily remove them to admire Per’s awesome handiwork!). And the cherry trim and veneers (6mm on the front and sides of the bass cabinets) ended up looking better than I hoped! Baltic birch was the substrate for all 3 cabinets.
A few pics below.
Will let you know how break-in progresses.
Thanks for all your help in making this project feasible!