AudioTecgnology ATS4, built by Stefan, Rumania

Copyright 2020 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
Thank you for providing this project that inspired me to build this beautiful ATS 4 speakers. 
Please find in the attachment pictures with the stages of construction. I divided in 2 emails because the pictures size are to large, feel free to choose what you like to post on your website.
The speakers took around 4 months to build, it’s my first DIY project and I must say it’s not for beginners. My advantage is that i have good knowledge in 3D modeling and many years experience in carpentry, otherwise in my opinion would be impossible to construct such speakers.
Sound is beyond expectations, very good details, big sound stage and impressive bass, a truly high-end speaker. Maybe the best speaker I ever heard and I’ve listen to some great systems in my life.
I made a few of upgrades from the initial project :
Internal cables Van del Hul - D352 Hybrid
Speaker terminals Furutech FP-803G
DIY jumpers Van del Hul
Iso Acoustics GAIA I for the isolation feet
Thank you again for this project and for your contribution to the DIY community.
Stefan from Romania