Acapella NEXT, built by Marek, Poland
Copyright 2016 © Troels Gravesen

Hello Troels
Your Acapellas are so beautiful so I decided to build one. But I like to experiment, so I wanted to try some exotic wood †doussie lingue. Honestly this project was a little challenge for me, but no difficulty is no fun. My speakers are not perfect, this wood is extra hard and they have some defects. The cabinets dont have hard finish, they have beed waxed 6 times with great osmo wax. They are filled with felt material and lambs wool, and driven by 10 watts SET amp with excellent Sophia Electric 300B tubes. This is totally enough (unless you want head blowing bass which i dont like). The stage and lightness of vocals are wonderful. From the rest of material I made a shelf for my amp. Here some photos from construction.
Greetings from Poland