Acapella NEXT, built by Stephen
Copyright 2019 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
In around the middle of 2016 i think it was, i first downloaded your beautiful design for the Acapella Next speakers. You sent me a few emails responding to some very amateur questions about the crossovers, cable size ect. as this was my 1st  go at making speakers. when i had questions about the build, you answered them very politely and they were very helpful.
After all this time due to lack of funds and my dad (who helped me with them) finding time to do it, i completed them about a week ago.
I am so happy with the outcome! (with a couple of minor changes to the exterior of the cabinets that my dad thought would be best,although i was hesitant to stray from your design( hes a carpenter and fitter and joiner by trade) )
-For the build i used:
*25mm MDF,
*All specified crossover parts (with the exception- of the 3 x 22uf capacitor setup in mid c/o i used the brand and size of the ones in your photos.)
*Specified drivers ( specified tweeter was not available anywhere but you advised that the Seas excel t29cf002 would be just fine )
*American oak veneer with Satan varnish
**(The only difference to the design was that we made  terminal blocks for the back out of MDF painted black, rather then cutting into the cabinet and some covers for the back made out of 6mm MDF, painted black and covered in speaker cloth.)
I thought id send you some pictures. You probably get this kind of stuff all the time, but i thought id let you know that it means a lot building them with my father and having those memory's all thanks to you! :)
Steve Robilliard