Acapella SE, built by Mar, China
Copyright 2012 Troels Gravesen

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 Hi Troels, I have completed this Acapella_SE two weeks ago. Speakers,capacitors and other materials have been bought five years ago. For various reasons, and only now do a good job, excited. This speaker is really very beautiful! The size is in accordance with your design. Capacitor I used MCap Supreme and MKPseries. My system: CD player is MYRYAD Z110, the power amplifier is JUNGSON JA1-99C and QSC MX1500A. Now the sound feel like the bass more than a few.I fill a number of sound-absorbing cotton, the effect of a lot better, but feel the bass is a little more, how to improve it? I see you use some JUNGSON machine, surprised his factory near my house, have a friend who is still working inside. In any case, thank you for your work. Here are some photos on Acapella_SE, the little girl is my 6-year-old daughter.
Thanks again, Mar, from Taishan, China