AcapellaSE built by Luis, Portugal

Hello Troels,

It is been a while since my last words to you. I am sorry for this long delay as I have been very, very busy in building a new house (civil engineering stuff), and so all my efforts are there.
What I can tell you, that I will have, FINALLY, a dedicated studio for my audio with a 48 square meter (8x6m) for 3 meters high. I will be able to hear my music whenever and as loud as I want with no damages and complaints. The Acapellas are lacquered and on the run, and, as with you, they are actually the main spinal cord of my system. But, IMHO they need space to breathe and power too!
They heve been pushed hard by my Krell KAV150a, but lately the Krell has been replaced by a JungSon JA-88D (the Chinese Krell), - a budget esoterica amplifier with 80Watt class A with which the Acapellas match perfectly, (Nordost Red Dawn speaker cables and interconnects).

The JA88-D has a tube like, opened sweet-rounded sound, and even slightly bright (not forward or harsh) which pleases me a lot, and I found myself able to sit close to the Acapellas for many hours of listening with no fatigue across all genders of music (I hear a lot of voices, Jazz, Classical). In fact, I have to thank you and congratulate you on the excellent design of the Acapella, which output a very coherent sound. After 200 hours, the bass is delivered powerfully and tight with the necessary speed and precision. The mids and highs are very natural with no shouting, voices are textured as every note should be. These speakers are simply coherent. I have the sense of layers of sound panelled across the space between the Acapellas, and on a large soundstage. So, for me they have the amazing capability of creating the illusion of performance right in front of you. That's what I ask for! They sound as good as they look: Excellent.
Nice work!

Thank you Troels.

Warm Regards from Portugal.
Luis de Queiroz

PS: I here include some photos of The Acapella and the ProAcs that I have also built, and are in use too with my 845 SET mono amps.

Any sugestions are always wellcome. Luis

Whauuu!! What more can I say? What an astonishing finish and set-up. I wish I could pop in and hear your system. Thanks for the excellent pictures. There's nothing more exciting and satisfying than seeing your many hours of work in the hands of others.
As mentioned on the PMS-EXCEL pages, these speakers can be run from 50 wpc amps, but they are speakers that grow with the task and the more power you put behind, the more they will excell. I'm sure the 80 wpc class A may be an excellent choice. The Acapellas are not particularly ampere hungry, but to get the most of these magnesium drivers you need an amp that will hold a firm grip on the voice coils.
My compliments to your photos as well. Photographing black items is difficult, but here you can almost feel the deep glossy surface of the cabinets.
Best regards and happy listening!

2.5-clones built by Luis


Pictures from Luis' workshop during construction of the Acapella SE