ScanSpeak Amish, built by Ball, Thailand
Copyright 2013 © Troels Gravesen


Hi Troels,
It’s been a while… I’m very satisfied with the Jenzen Illuminator and quite busy at work so no new speaker project so far but still enjoy listening the Jenzen every evening when I’m not travelling.
However, I’ve managed to finish the Amish 8545/9500 that I started long time ago.  This is a very long project, it actually started about the same time as when I changed from Jensen Classic to the Illuminator but I couldn’t finish it. I built this one intended to be a gift to my friend for his new house… unfortunately his house is already one year old … ha ha ha
Anyway, I sent the Amish to my friend over the weekend and seems like he really enjoy it so…. Mission accomplished J
He sent me a pic of the Amish singing in his AV room so I think might be good to share some pics I took when I built them with you.
By the way, just bought the 5F full range as well. Quickly stuck it on a paper carton and it doesn’t sounds bad at all. Think I’ll try them with 4 drivers per side (serie + parallel) as a mini desktop tower…will see how it goes ….
Thanks for publishing all the projects over the years, I really enjoyed it and have learned a lot from you.
Warmest regards, ball