AudioTechnology 3WC, built by Runner
Copyright 2016 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Troels
Finally , I've get my AT3W done and burned in for almost 2 months. anyway, I must thank Troels for your knowledge and generousness. And also thank Michael for your patience and help.
As you can see, I made the front panels from all Baltic birch for I couldn't find any black high density MDF to do with. Besides, I handled the making of cabinet according to original design strictly.
After running in, it sounds natural and balanced, dynamic and transparent. Full of vivid music with a lot of details. I can listen to them for hours without boring.
And now, what i get is a beautiful speaker which i could enjoy its sound for years.
Thank you all again. maybe the ATS4 will be my next target to built.
best regards,