AudioTechnology/BlieSMa, built by Harald, Germany

Copyright 2021 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
Just want to inform you that I recently finished the ATBs. Incredible speakers. Coming from LS3/5a Monitor speakers I was really curious whether the ATBs can compete with the midrange delivered by the LS3/5a. But after some burn-in time it was clear that the ATB is in all disciplines superior. I’m now again more open to other music genres as the LS3/5a didn’t like rock or electronic music at all. It was somehow limited to singer/songwriter  music and acoustic jazz which I love but I can now enjoy other music as well. Attached please find some pictures. May be something for your builders response page.
The equipment I use to drive the ATBs is a PrimaLuna integrated tube amp, fed by an Acoustic-Solid Turntable equipped with 12” Jelco tonearme and Dynavector Neo MK II cartridge.
Thank you so much for your incredible designs and your great support during the building phase.