ScanSpeak BOOKSHELF, built by Dominick

Copyright 2020 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
I just finished my bookshelf speakers. I am an old guy who wanted to build a pair of speakers before I lost my hearing so thank you for bearing with me and being so quick to respond on some real beginner questions. I did build everything exactly to your specifications.
Simple stated these are amazing. They are in my listening room, temporarily replacing my towers, which are a great speaker, and I am stunned at their performance. I had my friend over for a listening session and we were both amazed at their ability to energize the room and deliver so much clarity and detail from such a small package. I am also sold on the 4” midrange driver for really nailing the midrange tonality and also allowing the other speakers to do just what they do best.
I am still breaking them in, but me and my family have been listening to them for hours almost every night while we play games and they get better and better.
The biggest benefit is my wife likes the looks of the speakers so they are destined for our family room where we can use them during our everyday activities. This will also allow me to place them on their sides as they were designed, so they should get better.  As an aside, please also express my thanks to the people at Jantzen, they did an outstanding job of packaging everything with extraordinary care.
I don’t think I can every buy a commercial speaker again. Here are some of the pictures.