Builder's Response 2008-2020

22-12-2020: SBAcoustics, SBA-761, built by Andrea
20-12-2020: AudioTechnology ATS-4, built by Stefan, Rumania. See images from a real pro in woodworking!
19-12-2020: SBAcoustics, SBA-741, built by Arjen, The Netherlands
19-12-2020: SBAcoustics SBA-941, built by Rob, Australia
12-12-2020: ScanSpeak Jenzen Ill, built by Juraj, Slovakia
09-12-2020: Faital-3WC-15, built by Hans-Kristian, Denmark
02-12-2020: ScanSpeak 10" Subwoofer, built by Denis, Canada
02-12-2020: ScanSpeak Ekta mkII, built by Paul
29-11-2020: SBAcoustics SBA-761, built by Andreas, Germany
29-11-2020: Faital 3WC, built by Mike, Russia
13-11-2020: Peerless/ScanSpeak NOMEX-164 mkII, built by Giuseppe
08-11-2020: Peerless/ScanSpeak NOMEX-164 mkII, built by Giacomo
06-11-2020: The Loudspeaker-1, built by Daniil, Russia
06-11-2020: Faital-3WC-15, built by Aris
06-11-2020: JBL L36, modded by David, France
29-10-2020: The Loudspeaker and OBL-15, built by Gottfried, Austria
28-10-2020: My Faital 3WC-15. Buyer's review.
24-10-2020: TQWT-mkII, built by Raja
11-10-2020: Faital 3WC, built by Andrea, Italy
20-09-2020: SEAS CENTER-641-NEXT, built by Trevor
14-09-2020: Faital 3WC, built by Attilio Sergio
14-09-2020: SBA-MTM, built by René, The Netherlands
12-09-2020: Faital-3WC, built by Morten, Denmark
09-09-2020: DTQWT-mkIII, built by Cameron, Australia
09-09-2020: SEAS CENTER-641-NEXT, built by Steven
02-09-2020: SEAS CNO-mkIII, built by Tore
27-08-2020: The Loudspeaker-1, built by Petri, Finland
27-08-2020: SEAS Jenzen NEXT, built by Harald, Norway
24-08-2020: ScanSpeak MUN-17, built by Robert
18-08-2020: ScanSpeak Discovery-4, built by Ivan
08-08-2020: SBAcoustics, SBA-761, built by Joel, Sweden
03-08-2020: ScanSpeak Illuminator-5, built by Marty
03-08-2020: SEAS CNO-25-mkII, built by Treevor, UK
03-08-2020: The Loudspeaker-1, built by Tobias, Germany
29-07-2020: ScanSpeak Ekta Grande, built by Charvát, Czech Republic
28-07-2020: ScanSpeak Discovery-4 and Jenzen SEAS-ER, built by Juan
02-07-2020: FUSION, built by Mark, Australia
01-07-2020: Jenzen NEXT, built by Alex, Russia
23-06-2020: OBL-15 (almost) built by Nicholas, SA
22-06-2020: SBAcoustics, SBA-761, built by Malcolm, UK
05-06-2020: The Loudspeaker-2, built by Gordon, UK
04-06-2020: AudioTechnology 3WC, built by Denis
04-06-2020: DTQWT, built by Valentin, Spain
03-06-2020: FUSION-BAD, built by Mike, UK
02-06-2020: SEAS CNO-GRANDE, built by Rüdiger, Denmark
29-05-2020: ScanSpeak Ekta mkII, built by Jean-Francois
29-05-2020: Peerless 830860, built by Dana
23-05-2020: SBA61-NAC, built by Paul
23-05-2020: SBA-761, built by Jouke, The Netherlands
21-05-2020: SEAS CNO-mkIII, built by Lech
20-05-2020: SEAS 3WC-Classic mkII, built by Marek
16-05-2020: DTQWT-mkIII, built by Johannes, Sweden
02-05-2020: FUSION, built by Gideon
30-04-2020: ScanSpeak BOOKSHELF, built by Dominick
29-04-2020: Faital 3WC, built by Milliau
27-04-2020: DTQWT-mkIII, built by Mirek
20-04-2020: SBA-MTM, built by Brian
11-04-2020: Faital-3WC, built by Peter, The Netherlands
11-04-2020: CNO-GRANDE, built by Andrew
11-04-2020: QUATTRO-mkII, built by Carlo
09-04-2020: DTQWT-mkIII, built by Tyberiusz, Poland
11-03-2020: SBAcoustics SBA-741, built by Arjen, The Netherlands (pdf file)
08-03-2020: ScanSpeak Ekta mkII, built by Andreas, Sweden
25-02-2020: SEAS Cyclop, built by Evgenii, Russia
15-02-2020: ScanSpeak Discovery-15, built by Kevin
13-02-2020: QUATTRO mkII, built by Pieter, Belgium
12-02-2020: Poor Man's Strad, built by Pavel, Belarus. Stunning cabinet work!
05-02-2020: SEAS 5INCH, CA15RLY, built by Kevin, US
27-01-2020: FUSION, built by Tyberiusz, Poland
24-01-2020: ScanSpeak STUDIO 101 mkII, built by Giampaolo
23-01-2020: DTQWT-mkII, built by Lars, Denmark
22-01-2020: ScanSpeak Ekta mkII, built by Linus
21-01-2020: SEAS W15, built by Fred
13-01-2020: OBL-15, built by Eric, Indonesia
08-01-2020: SBA-761, built by Hein



30-12-2019: FUSION, built by Flemming, Denmark
21-12-2019: SEAS Jenzen NEXT, built by Roman, Russia
19-12-2019: ScanSpeak Jenzen Illuminator, built by Fedor, Russia
18-12-2019: ScanSpeak Ekta Grande, built by Riccardo, Italy
17-12-2019: SBAcoustics-MW19, built by Vittorio
28-11-2019: DTQWT-mkIII, built by Cees
28-11-2019: FUSION, passive version, built by Evaldas
11-11-2019: SP-44, built by Gerrie
03-11-2019: QUATTRO mkII, built by Phil, Germany
01-11-2019: Nomex 164 mkII, built by Kamil, Czech Republic
25-10-2019: ScanSpeak Ekta mkII, built by Andreas
19-10-2019: SBA-941, built by Laurent, Belgium
19-10-2019: ScanSpeak Discovery W18, built by Jens, Denmark
18-10-2019: SEAS 3WC-mkI, built by Alex, Russia
15-09-2019: SEAS CA18RLY-22TAF-G, built by Christian, DE
12-09-2019: 8008-CORNER, built by Joel
03-09-2019: SBAcoustics, SBA-3WC, built by Evelio
19-08-2019: The Loudspeaker, built by Georgi (youtube link)
19-08-2019: SEAS CNO-mkII, built by Noam
22-07-2019: ScanSpeak CSM, Compact Studio Monitor, built by Timo, Finland
16-07-2019: AudioTechnology-GRT, ATiRi, built by Phillip, US
14-07-2019: The Loudspeaker, built by Nick, UK
14-07-2019: Ekta Grande, built by Piero, Italy
25-06-2019: ScanSpeak Ekta mkII, built by Jason
24-06-2019: FUSION, built by Henk, NL
23-06-2019: ScanSpeak BOOKSHELF, built by Ove
Super-tweeter for DTQWT, built by Бакутин Валерий
20-06-2019: ScanSpeak Illumina-66, built by Erik
15-06-2019: ScanSpeak Ellipticor-3, built by Gregory
12-06-2019: SEAS Jenzen NEXT, built by Karan
26-05-2019: The Loudspeaker, built by Gary
26-05-2019: JBL upgrade kit, Henrik
19-05-2019: ScanSpeak Discovery 3WC, built by Marco
17-05-2019: ScanSpeak Jenzen Illuminator, built by Steven
17-05-2019: ScanSpeak Ekta Grande, built by Andrea
13-05-2019: SBA-761, built by Thomas
11-04-2019: AudioTechnology 3WC, built by Dominic
06-04-2019: SBAcoustics, SBA-941, built by Dante
04-04-2019: ScanSpeak CSM, built by Alex
31-03-2019: Illuminator Monitor, built by Vadim
24-03-2019: ScanSpeak Ellam 98 mkII, built by Michael, Australia
22-03-2019: SEAS CURV, built by Marek
19-03-2019: ScanSpeak Discovery-3WC, buil by Steen
11-03-2019: ScanSpeak Discovery 18W, built by Marino
07-03-2019: SEAS Acapella NEXT, built by Stephen
28-02-2019: SEAS Jenzen-NEXT, built by Alex, Russia
27-02-2019: Peerless NOMEX-164-mkII and SEAS CENTER 641-NEXT, built by Lucas
25-02-2019: DTQWT-mkIII, built by Cianno, Italy
16-02-2019: Peerless NOMEX-164-mkII, built by André
10-02-2019: JBL L26-3-Way, built by Dan
08-02-2019: ScanSpeak Discovery 12W, built by Ilia, Israel
27-01-2019: Maglev turntable, built by Eric, US
22-01-2019: OBL-15. built by Xing Xiao, China
21-01-2019: The Loudspeaker, built by Bjarne, Denmark
17-01-2019: ScanSpeak subwoofer, built by Vyacheslav
11-01-2019: SBAcoustics MW19, built by Jaak, Belgium
02-01-2019: The Loudspeaker, built by Markus, Finland


30-12-2018: DTQWT, built by Bernardo, Germany
29-12-2018: ScanSpeak Ekta mkII, built by Stephen
21-12-2018: Jenzen NEXT, built by Alex, Russia
14-12-2018: SEAS CNO mkII, built by Robbin, The Netherlands
03-12-2018: SEAS Jenzen ER, built by Michele
02-12-2018: FUSION, built by Rémi
25-11-2018: SEAS 3-Way Classic, built by Frédéric, Switzerland
21-11-2018: The Loudspeaker, built by Toby, Ireland
21-11-2018: ScanSpeak Discovery 3WC, built by Garry
14-11-2018: ATS4-HE, built by Vassil, US
06-11-2018: Ekta Grande, built by Paul
11-10-2018: Illumina-66, built by Lars
08-10-2018: ATiRi, AudioTechnology - GRT-145 ribbon, built by Soeren, Denmark
06-10-2018: Discovery 18W, built by Patrick, Germany
03-10-2018: Ekta Grande, built by Kenneth, Denmark
01-10-2018: More response to capacitor up-grade from Steve
19-09-2018: CNO-T25, built by Pavel
03-09-2018: SBAcoustics 3WC, built by Flemming, Denmark
21-08-2018: ScanSpeak Ellam-XT, built by Peter, Slovakia
21-08-2018: ScanSpeak Illuminator-5, built by Brian, US. See some amazing copper clad cabinets!
15-08-2018: Ellam FLEX 3W and DTQWT, built by Jon, Norway (beautiful Ellam cabs!)
12-08-2018: Ellam FLEX, built by Александр/Alexandr, Russia
12-08-2018: SEAS 3-Way Classic mkI, built by Jon, Sweden
12-08-2018: Jenzen Illuminator, built by Alx, Russia
29-07-2018: Jenzen-NEXT, built by Steve
26-07-2018: SBA-10, built by Ivica
26-07-2018: ScanSpeak Illumina-66, built by Peter
23-07-2018: 8008-CENTER, built by Steve
22-07-2018: Jenzen Illuminator, Built by Gines
16-07-2018: SEAS 3WC-mkII, built by Wilfried
14-07-2018: SBA-10, built by Rajeev
14-07-2018: SBA-10, built by Carlo, Italy
13-07-2018: DTQWT-mkIII, built by Omar, Mexico
12-07-2018: Cyclop, built by Jarek, Poland
06-07-2018: OBL-15, built by Nash, US
04-07-2018: SBAcoustics MTM-16, built by George, US
02-07-2018: ATS-4, built by Runner
02-07-2018: Jenzen-Accu, built by Vitalie
29-06-2018: Peerless 830860, built by Adam, UK
27-06-2018: Ekta mkII, built by Dante
25-06-2018: SEAS-CURV, built by Andreas, Sweden
25-06-2018: 8008-CENTER, built by Mark
24-06-2018: Jenzen-NEXT, built by Alex, Russia
13-06-2018: Ellipticor-1, built by John, The Netherlands
06-06-2018: ScanSpeak Discovery-18W, built by Zoltan, Hungary
06-06-2018: Ekta mkI, built by Evgeniy
29-05-2018: SBAcoustics-61-NAC, built by Gordon
25-05-2018: SBAcoustics MTM, built by Thomas, South Africa
23-05-2018: ScanSpeak Discovery 3WC, built by Pieter, Belgium
15-05-2018: DTQWT-mkIII, built by Rune, Norway
13-05-2018: ScanSpeak 3WC-C, built by Mark, US
13-05-2018: Ellam FLEX 3W, built by Ciro
02-05-2018: Studio 101, built by Juan, Spain
01-05-2018: Ekta Grande, built by Haluk, Australia
27-04-2018: FUSION, built by Thibaud, Belgium
26-04-2018: Discovery 18W, built by Neno, Croatia
16-04-2018: Discovery 18W, built by Ciro, US
10-04-2018: SBA-MTM and SEAS W15/OW1, built by John, The Netherlands
10-04-2018: NOMEX-164 (mkI) built by Robert, NL
09-04-2018: SBA-MTM, built by Gordon
08-03-2018: ScanSpeak Discovery 3WC, built by Bahman
28-02-2018: DTQWT-mkIII, built by Carl-Magnus
21-02-2018: Ellam FLEX, built by Stasa, France
11-02-2018: OBL-15 and 8008-CENTER, built by Kristjan
01-02-2018: Ekta Grande, built by Ermanno, Italy
28-01-2018: Illuminator-4, Gordon
21-01-2018: Illuminator-4, built by Morten, Norway
19-01-2018: Jenzen Illuminator, built by David
18-01-2018: Discovery 3-Way Classic, built by Toby, Ireland
13-01-2018: DTQWT-mkIII, built by Sergio, US
06-01-2018: AudioTechnology 3-Way Classic, built by Sergey, Ukraine (pdf file)
05-01-2018: Ellam d'Appolito, built by George, US


28-12-2017: Discovery 12W, built by Gregor, Slovenia
25-12-2017: OBL-15, built by Vassil07-12-2017: NEXT-4, built by Detlef, Germany
04-12-2017: NOMEX 164 mkII, built by Charles
29-11-2017: Ellam FLEX-3W, built by Vaidas, Lithuania
28-11-2017: DTQWT-mkIII, built by Simon
22-11-2017: Ellam FLEX 3W, built by Rob, UK
19-11-2017: DTQWT-212, built by Giuseppe
10-10-2017: ScanSpeak Illuminator-5, built by Man, Thailand
10-10-2017: SEAS CNO-25, built by Noam, Germany
10-10-2017: ScanSpeak, Jensen-1071, built by Miguel, Spain
10-10-2017: Nomex 164, built by Oliver, Reunion Island
10-10-2017: Discovery-4, and -5, built by Emanuele, Italy
10-09-2017: 8008-CORNER, built by Hayo, Netherlands
07-09-2017: Discovery 15, built by Drew
04-09-2017: DTQWT mkII, built by Paul, Canada
18-08-2017: ScanSpeak Studio-101, built by Damon
15-08-2017: DTQWT-mkII, built by Rolando, Argentina
11-08-2017: Peerless NOMEX 164, built by Harvey, Australia
04-08-2017: ScanSpeak Discovery 18W, built by Benen
03-08-2017: Jenzen NEXT, built by Marek
29-07-2017: ScanSpeak Discovery 3WC, built by David
21-07-2017: TQWT-mkIII, built by Michele
14-07-2017: Peerless NOMEX-164 and ScanSpeak Discovery W18, built by Hans, Sweden
06-07-2017: SBA MTM, built by John, The Netherlands
18-06-2017: ATS-4, built by Pellegrino
17-06-2017: ScanSpeak Illuminator-4, built by Michael, Denmark
16-06-2017: ScanSpeak SP95, built by Ricardo, Spain
06-06-2017: Ellam FLEX 3W, built by Boris
06-06-2017: OBL-15, built by Steve
30-05-2017: SBA MW19, built by Dominic
28-05-2017: OBL-15, built by Max, Denmark
23-05-2017: Jenzen NEXT, built by Wang
16-05-2017: ATS4, built by Tim
16-05-2017: ScanSpeak Discovery 18W, built by James, UK
06-05-2017: SEAS CURV, built by Griffiths, Canada
30-04-2017: SEAS 3-Way Classic mkII, built by Dennis, The Netherlands
25-04-2017: ScanSpeak, CSM, built by Roland, Hungary
20-04-2017: 8008-CORNER, built by Alex and Ian
18-04-2017: Testing Audio-gd pre-amp/headphone amplifier NFB-1AMP
15-04-2017: SBAcoustics SBA-10, now with Be dome
13-04-2017: SBA MW16 MTM with Be dome, TW29BN
09-04-2017: SBA MW19 with Be-dome, TW29BN
30-03-2017: Testing SBAcoustics Be-dome tweeter, the TW29BN
30-03-2017: Building a new turntable from a 12 kgs alu platter with maglev
25-02-2017: Renovating more Lenco L75 decks
20-01-2017: SBAcoustics, SBA-16-MTM
13-01-2017: Measuring inductance of low-DCR coils, like C-coils
13-01-2017: Response to upgrade from standard PP caps to super-caps

02-01-2017: QUATTRO, built by Zsolt, Hungary

14-12-2016: SEAS W15-OWI, built by Jean-Yves
13-12-2016: SEAS 3WC-mkII, built by Arunas
13-12-2016: SBAcoustics 61-NAC, built by Damian
23-11-2016: SEAS 3-Way Classic, built by Marcin, Poland
22-11-2016: 2 x ATS-4, built by Bertrand and Dominic, Canada
22-11-2016: DTQWT-mkIII, built by Damir
21-11-2016: ScanSpeak Studio-101, built by William, AU
16-11-2016: ScanSpeak DISCOVERY-4, built by Dave, US
11-11-2016: Jenzen-ATS, built by Toni
10-11-2016: Peerless HDS134, built by Kamil, Czech Rep.
23-10-2016: ScanSpeak Discovery W18, built by Peter, Hungary
10-10-2016: SEAS 3-Way Classic mkII, built by Denis, France
09-10-2016: DTQWT-mkII to mkIII, built by John
09-10-2016: Ellam 98 mkII, built by Gio
22-09-2016: SEAS Jenzen ER, built by Alberto, Australia
14-09-2016: NEXT-4, built by JM, Finland
04-09-2016: TQWT mkIII, built by Walter, Germany
30-08-2016: NEXT-4, built by Jan, NL
22-08-2016: Ellam XT, built by Omar, Mexico
21-08-2016: JBL L100 upgrade, done by Pawel
10-08-2016: Acapella NEXT, built by Marek, Poland
09-08-2016: AudioTechnology 3WC, built by Runner
06-08-2016: SEAS 5-INCH, built by Tommy, Denmark
21-07-2016: ScanSpeak Subwoofer, built by Andrew, Australia
15-07-2016: SEAS W15-Neo3, built by Aapeli, Finland
11-07-2016: Ellam-XT, built by Tuomo, Finland
08-07-2016: CNO-T25, built by Christopher, Poland
29-06-2016: SEAS CNO-25, built by Andrew, UK
27-06-2016: Jenzen SEAS ER, built by Alexandru
23-06-2016: OBL-15, built by Mikael, Denmark
20-06-2016: JBL Up-Grade Kit, response from Joseph
06-06-2016: OBL-15, built by Bernhard
06-06-2016: AudioTechnology PRELUDE, built by Vincent
17-05-2016: AudioTechnology 3-Way Classic, built by Haim
17-05-2016: DTQWT-mkIII, built by Wilco
11-05-2016: Illumina 66, built by Marcin, UK
01-05-2016: DTQWT-mkIII, built by Kristjan, Sweden
28-04-2016: Ellam FLEX, built by Anang
23-04-2016: Jenzen Illuminator, built by Glenn
23-04-2016: Ellam XT, built by Michaël
04-04-2016: Jenzen Illuminator, built by Nicholas, South Africa
03-04-2016: ScanSpeak micro 5F, built by Magnus, Sweden
03-04-2016: AudioTechnology PRELUDE, built by Volker, Germany
27-03-2016: AudioTechnology AT-SW, built by Michael, Denmark
24-03-2016: Peerless NOMEX-164, built by Johan, Sweden
11-03-2016: SBAcoustics, 3-Way Classic, built by Diego
01-03-2016: SEAS 3-Way Classic mkII, built by NN
29-02-2016: Update Discovery 3-Way Classic, built by Alex Read what super-caps can do
27-02-2016: Illumina-66, built by Arve, Norway
26-02-2016: NEXT-4, built by Mark, Latvia. Stunning cabinet work!
23-02-2016: ScanSpeak Studio 101, built by Pierre
21-02-2016: QUATTRO mkII, built by Robert, US
20-02-2016: Discovery-4, built by Mathias, Sweden
14-02-2016: DTQWT mkIII and Illumina 66, built by Richard, UK
12-02-2016: Ellam XT mkII, built by Lewis, stepped baffle and modified crossover
11-02-2016: Ellam XT, built by Paul, Canada
31-01-2016: Ellam 98 mkII and Discovery W18, built by Keith
30-01-2016: ScanSpeak Discovery W18, built by Rik, Belgium
27-01-2016: CSM, built by Niels, Denmark
23-01-2016: OBL-15, built by Güney, Turkey
22-01-2016: PMS, built by Dragan
22-01-2016: TQWT, built by Marc
03-01-2016: PMS, built by Chris, Poland. Stunning cabinet work!!

31-12-2015: SEAS 5-INCH, built by Wes
29-12-2015: Jenzen-SEAS-ER, built by Dave
27-12-2015: ScanSpeak Illuminator Monitor, built by Nick, AU
26-12-2015: Ellam XT, built by Boban, Serbia
24-12-2015: TJL-3W, built by Michal
22-12-2015: Discovery 3-Way Classic, built by Alex
13-12-2015: ScanSpeak Illumina-66, built by Steve
12-12-2015: DTQWT-mkIII, built by Brenton
11-12-2015: DTQWT-mkIII, built Hans-Kristian, Denmark
10-12-2015: SEAS CNO-25, built by Daniel. CHECK IT OUT! STUNNING CABINET WORK!
08-12-2015: SEAS 3-Way Classic mkII, built by Alex
07-12-2015: NOMEX 164, built by Antti, Finland
05-12-2015: CNO-25, built by Phillip, Germany
01-12-2015: Jenzen ATS, built by Daniel
26-11-2015: Ellam FLEX 3-Way, built by Tommy, US

18-11-2015: Eekels' Minis, built by Bengt
15-11-2015: Ellam FLEX 3-Way, built by Chris
12-10-2015: Revelator 4R, built by Joe
10-10-2015: Ellam FLEX 3-Way, built by Elko
10-10-2015: DTQWT 212, built by Stu, Canada
25-09-2015: Illumina 66, built by Jallu, Finland
08-09-2015: TQWT mkIII, built by Florian
04-09-2015: Ekta Grande, built by Enrico
25-08-2015: TJL2W, built by Douglas
24-08-2015: JBL L100 upgrade by Stefan

08-08-2015: PMS, built by Yury, Canada
08-07-2015: Discovery 15, built by Will
27-06-2015: Ellam 98 mkII, built by Jesper, Denmark
21-06-2015: SEAS 2½-way CA18RNX, built by Alexander, Russia
18-06-2015: DTQWT-mkIII, built by Andreas, Norway
11-06-2015: Ekta, built by Moreno, Italy
29-05-2015: ScanSpeak 3W-Classic, built by Eric
25-05-2015: CNO-25, built by Paul
10-05-2015: Peerless HDS, built by Trond/UK.
04-05-2015: CNO mkII, built by Pablo
24-04-2015: DTQWT-mkIII, built by Paul, Australia
24-04-2015: Jenzen Illuminator, built by Juray, Slovakia
15-04-2015: DTQWT, built by Andrey, Russia
15-04-2015: ScanSpeak Ekta, built by Fabio, Italy
11-04-2015: Eekels' minis, built by Lars
09-04-2015: Ellam 98 mkII, built by Vassil, USA
08-04-2015: Ellam XT, built by Hannes
04-04-2015: ScanSpeak CSM, built by Adelino, Portugal

03-04-2015: TQWT mkIII, built by Joshua, Belgium
22-03-2015: Discovery W18, built by Mattias, Sweden
20-03-2015: ScanSpeak 3-Way Classic, built by Jannik, Denmark
18-03-2015: SEAS CURV, built by Andrea, Italy
01-03-2015: Vifa C17 d'Appolito, built by Willy, Norway
28-02-2015: SEAS CA18RNX-2.5, built by Jonas, Norway
10-02-2015: Ellam FLEX, built by Hugues
04-02-2015: NOMEX-164, built by Dale, US (pdf file)
30-01-2015: DTQWT-12, built by Marek, Poland
27-01-2015: Ekta Grande, built by Mattias, Sweden
27-01-2015: Jenzen Illuminator, built by Thomas, Denmark
24-01-2015: ScanSpeak Discovery W18, built by Eugene, Balarus
22-01-2015: Illumina-66, built by Juan, Spain
19-01-2015: CNO-T25, built by Ronny, Sweden
15-01-2015: SEAS 3W-Classic, built by Kalle, Finland
05-01-2015: CNO-25, built by Sanjeev

29-12-2014: TQWT, built by Istvan, Hungary
26-12-2014: PMS with 10" bass driver, built by Rik, Belgium
25-12-2014: SEAS CA18RNX-2.5, built by Geoffrey
19-12-2014: NOMEX 164, built by Nigel, Australia
DTQWT, built by David, Australia
28-11-2014: NOMEX-164, built by Omar, Italy (pdf file)
Ellam-FLEX "Concrete", built by Thomas, Sweden
21-11-2014: Ellam-FLEX, built by Allan, Denmark
19-11-2014: DTQWT, built by Alan, US
04-11-2014: Jenzen Illuminator, built by Vincenzo, Italy
01-11-2014: TQWT, built by Alberto, Italy
31-10-2014: ScanSpeak 3-Way Classic, built by Sjaak, The Netherlands
31-10-2014: NOMEX 164, built by Federico
12-10-2014: ATS-4, built by Frank, The Netherlands
27-09-2014: SP44, built by NN
19-09-2014: DTQWT, built by Max, Spain
18-09-2014: SEAS-CURV, built by Hugues
18-09-2014: Jenzen Illuminator, built by Wei
27-08-2014: Discovery W18, built by Martin, Sweden
18-08-2014: DTQWT, built by Sorin
27-07-2014: ScanSpeak SP95, built by NN, China
20-07-2014: ScanSpeak SP95, built by NN, Russia
20-07-2014: Acapella SEas, built by Janne/Finland
20-07-2014: Ekta Grande, built by Herman, Italy
08-07-2014: PMS-Excel, built by René, The Netherlands
03-07-2014: ScanSpeak Micro, built by Paul, Canada
18-06-2014: Illumina 66, built by Daniele, Italy
30-05-2014: DTQWT, built by Kenny, The Netherlands
22-05-2014: SEAS CURV, built by Jannik, Denmark
16-05-2014: ScanSpeak W15/9700, built by Patrick, Canada
09-05-2014: Jenzen ATS, built by Jacques, France
08-05-2014: Jenzen Illuminator, built by Weisi, China
05-05-2014: DTQWT, byult by Almar and Herman, The Netherlands
03-05-2014: SEAS TJL-3Wway, built by Roman, Russia (Roman's 2nd pair)
30-04-2014: Ekta Grande, built by Alexander, Russia
27-04-2014: Jenzen Illuminator, built by Sébastien, France
21-04-2014: OBL-11, built by Steven, Indonesia
15-04-2014: Studio 101, built by Alex, Australia
12-04-2014: Ekta Grande, built by Alberto, Spain
08-04-2014: Jenzen Diamonds, built by Nigel, Australia
24-03-2014: Jensen 1071, built by Ziggy, Poland
19-03-2014: Discovery W18, built by Paul, Canada
18-03-2014: Jenzen Accu, built by Jara, Czech Republic
08-03-2014: Up-date on Ellam FLEX 3W, built by Bertrand, Canada
04-03-2014: CNO, built by Tom
24-02-2014: Illumina 66, built by Giuliano
24-02-2014: Ellam FLEX 3W, built by Bertrand, Canada, stunning front panels!
20-02-2014: ScanSpeak Ellam 98, built by Kevin
17-02-2014: ScanSpeak Illuminator Monitor, built by Manuel
17-02-2014: Ellam XT, built by Andrea, Italy
16-02-2014: DTQWT, built Tonny, Denmark
16-02-2014: TQWT, built Sergio, US
15-02-2014: NOMEX 164, built by John, Australia
11-02-2014: SEAS CA15RLY-22TAF/G, built by Jevgeny, Latvia
29-01-2014: Poor Man's Strad, built by Konstantinos, Greece
19-01-2014: DTQWT mkII, built by Lars, Norway
14-01-2014: PMS, built by Hugues, France
09-01-2014: CNO and other speakers, built by Alexander, Russia
04-01-2014: Zahra, built by Young, Korea

DTQWT, built by Moses, Canada
27-06-2013: Ellam d'Appolito, built by Andrea, Italy
24-06-2013: Eekels' Minis, built by Vidar, Sweden
22-06-2013: DTQWT, built by Mason, US
22-06-2013: Jenzen Illuminator, built by Ball, update with final cabinets
SEAS 3-Way Classic, built Mr. Wang, China
12-06-2013: CNO-25, built by George, NZ
29-05-2013: DTQWT, built by Dave, AU
21-05-2013: SEAS CURV, built by Michael, US
20-05-2013: YAMAHA NS-1000 Up-Grade Kit by Tim/AU
12-05-2013: Ellam 2.5, built by Trond
ScanSpeak SP95, built by Andrea, Italy
20-04-2013: SEAS CA18RLY-22TAF-G, built by Anders, Sweden
06-04-2013: SEAS CA18RNX, 2½-way, built by Philippe, Australia
06-04-2013: SEAS Mini, built by Carl-Fredrik, Sweden
01-04-2013: SEAS Curv, built by Andrew, UK
29-03-2013: TQWT, built by Jean-Michel, France
24-03-2013: Jenzen NEXT, built by CC Li, Hong Kong
13-03-2013: Jenzen SEAS ER, built by Federico, Italy
13-03-2013: DTQWT, built by Anaël, France, beautiful woodwork!
12-03-2013: SEAS CA18RLY+22TAF-G, built by Anders, Sweden
11-03-2013: Vifa PL14 d'Appolito,built by Andrea, Italy
07-03-2013: OBL-11, built by Sergio, US. View stunning design!
06-03-2013: Ekta Grande, built by Gary, Hawaii
Jenzen NEXT, built by Scott, Texas
23-02-2013: CNO-25, built by Luca, Italy
21-02-2013: SEAS Cyclop, built by Pablo, Spain
17-02-2013: Jenzen NEXT, built by Toni, Bulgaria
13-02-2013: DTQWT-12, built by Stefano, Italy
13-02-2013: CNO mkII, built by Adel, Russia
12-02-2013: Illumina-66, built by Frédéric, France
04-02-2013: DTQWT-12, built by Brian, Tasmania
03-02-2013: Illumina 66, built by Cedric, France
31-01-2013: Up-date on Valentin's DTQWT-12s
25-01-2013: Studio 101, built by Younes
12-01-2013: Eekels' Minis, built by Geir
08-01-2013: ScanSpeak 8542/9700, built by Danny, Belgium
06-01-2013: CNO-25, built by Tom, US

DTQWT, built by Noël, France
28-12-2012: TQWT, built by Giulio
25-12-2012: TQWT mkII, built by Mark, US
09-12-2012: Zahra, built by Mattias, Sweden
03-12-2012: Peerless Nomex 164, built by Evan
02-12-2012: Response from Illumina 66 builders
25-11-2012: TQWT, built by Ramunas, UK
17-11-2012: DTQWT, built by Maciek, Poland
16-11-2012: Peerless NOMEX164 + Peerless center built around Mark21 design, built by Dana/Florida
08-11-2012: CNO, used for center, built by Michael, US
06-11-2012: DTQWT, built by Daniel, Russia
03-11-2012: Jenzen SEAS ER, built by Peter
02-11-2012: Jenzen SEAS ER, built by Sergio
OBL-11, built by Olav, Norway
Eekels' Minis, built by Pasquale, Italy
DTQWT-12, built by Valentin, US
Ellam XT, built by Nick
SEAS W15CY001 + Hiquphon OW1, built by Joffrey, NL
Ellam XT, built by Robert/UK. Probably the best Ellams ever built
ScanSpeak SP95-Ellam-XT, built by Mark Dawson, AU
QUATTRO, built by Juergen
ScanSpeak 18W/8542 + 9700, built by Will, Seattle
SEAS CA18RLY-22TAF/G, built by Silvio, France
SEAS 2½-way CA18RNX/27TDC, built by Jostein, Norway
TJL3W, built by John
Ekta Grande, built by Igor
W15LY-22TAF, built by Tom, US
Jenzen Illuminator, built by Ball
Ellam 25, built by Steven
3-Way Classic, built by Egor
Eekels' Minis, built by Mats, Finland
Jenzen ER, built by Vuk, New Zealand. Updated pics.
Peerless 830860 + XT25TG, built by Orazio, Silcily, Italy. Link to his website.
CNO mkII, built Young, South Korea
ScanSpeak W1500/97 built by Peter, The Netherlands
CNO-T25, built by Ladislav, Slovakia
DTQWT, built by Valery, Russia
QUATTRO-transmission line, built by Niels, Denmark
Acapella SE, built by Mar, China
SP44, built by Torsten, Germany.
TQWT, built by Daniel, Denmark
Peerless 830860, built by Tomas, Spain
Ekta, built by Alan/UK
DTQWT, built by Nicola, Italy
CNO-25, built by James. Stunning cabinet work!
Ekta, built by NNN, Italy
3-Way Classic, built by Victor, Ukraine
Ekta Grande, built by Dean, US
Ellam XT, built by Omar, Mexico
Response from Wendy/US on JBL Up-Grade-Kit
Totally Stoned 3-Way Classic, built by Federico, Italy
Ellam-XT, built by Girmantas, Lithuania
CNO-25, built by Ryno, South Africa
CNO-25, built by Mehmet.
Jenzen SEAS ER, built by Gerrit/NL
SEAS W15LY001-22TAF/G, built by Daniel, Russia
Ellam-98, built by Tom, Australia
Jensen 1071, built by Yetkin, Turkey
QUATTRO, built by Ben, US
TQWT, built by Steve, UK
Ekta Grande built by Tim, Australia
OBL-11, built by Carl/UK
Ekta Grande, built by Petr, Czech Republic
CS Monitor, built by Chris
NOMEX 164, built by Ed
SEAS 2½-way CA18RNX, built by Kimon, AU


23-12-2011: OBL-11  built by Ivar, Norway
CNO mkII built by Christoffer
Peerless adventures from Ed/Holland
OBL-11, built by Craig, Australia
TQWT built by Andrei, Russia
Post honeymoon update on Jenzen 1071 built by Bob, Holland.
SEAS Mini, W15CY001 + HIQUPHON OWI, built by Max, Germany.
DTQWT, built by Carlo, Italy. Maybe the best DTQWTs ever built.
Jenzen SEAS ER, built by John Eekels, The Netherlands, excellent photo coverage.
DTQWT, built by John Eekels, The Netherlands, excellent photo coverage.
Peerless Nomex 164, built by Luca, Italy
SEAS 1½-way CA18RNX, built by Andrew, Russia
PMS, built by Denis, Canada - don't think the Poor Man's Strads can be made much better than this.
DTQWT, built by Derrick/CA, lots of good construction pics
DTQWT, built by Andy/US
DTQWT, built by Joffrey, The Netherlands
Scoperta, built by Andres
CSM, built by Michäel
Eekels' Minis, built by Trond
TJL3W, built by Ingvar/Sweden. Read this article on a TJL3W transmission line
3W-Classic, built by Yan Bertrand
DTQWT-12, built by Rich/US
DTQWT, built by John/Canada
DTQWT, built by Simen/Norway
DTQWT, built by Greg/Luxembourg
Cyclop finished by JB/France
DTQWT, built by Mike/UK
NOMEX-164, built by Tomas/Czeck Rep.
Jensen 1071 built by Bob/Holland. No-compromise cabinet build
06-06-2011: ScanSpeak SP44, built by Joakim/Sweden
30-05-2011: Vifa PL14 + XT25TG built by Marc
Peerless 800860 + Vifa DX25TG, built by Tae/US
20-04-2011: Cyclop, under construction by JB/FRance
3-Way-Classic, built by Denis, Russia
20-04-2011: SEAS Maja, built by Jacques/France
30-03-2011: PMS, built by Vladimir, Siberia
22-03-2011: PMS, built by Johan/Sweden
20-03-2011: Jensen-1071, built by Steve
18-03-2011: PMS, built by Daniel, Canada
Cyclop, built by Dima/USA
15-03-2011: Eekels' Minis, built by Ball/Thailand
13-03-2011: DTQWT, built Becheanu Sorin, Romania 
DTQWT built by Jan/Sweden
Ekta, built by Arve/Norway
SEAS MAJA, built by Andy, US
Fostex mini, built by Tony
3-Way Classic, built by Andrew K./US
DTQWT, built by Cheong/Malaysia
Jensen 1071, built by Tom/USA
CNO mkII, built by J./Netherlands
SEAS CA18RNX/27TDC, 2½-way, built by Thomas and Roger/Norway.
3W-Classic, built by Andrew/Ukraine
DTQWT mkII, built by Tomas, Czeck Rep.
Peerless 830860 + XT25TG, built by Nikos/Greece
PMS, built by Andy
PMS, built by Linas, Lithuania
Jazzman, built by Alfonso/Italy

23-12-2010: DTQWT, built by Kim/Denmark
Ekta Grande, built by David/UK
DTQWT built by Craig/Australia
DTQWT built by Albert, Canada (update response)
Peerless NOMEX 164, built by Grayden
PMS, built by Max, Ukraine
DTQWT, built by Nikolay, Lithuania
QUATTRO, built by James/US
SEAS 5-INCH, SEAS W15CY001/22TAF-G, built by Carmelo and Vincenzo, Sicily
SEAS 3-Way Classic, built by Jonatan
Ekta Grande, built by Enrique, Spain
DTQWT, built by Daniel, Bulgaria
CNO25, built by Rafal, Poland
NOMEX164 built by Immanuel, Denmark
CNO25, built by Jon, Norway
Ekta Grande, built by Jiri, Czech Republic
Pics from a Japanese TQWT project, beautiful cabs
DTQWT built by Diego/Italy
SEAS CA18RNX/27TFFC, 2½-way, built by Leszek
SP44, built Rawin/Thailand. Beautiful woodwork!
Jensen inspired construction made ny Goran. This would be a "Jensen TL 871"
DTQWT-12, built by Ferraioli Pantaleone/Italy. Yes, a 12-inch, 1.5 meter version of the DTQWT
SEAS W15CY001+HIQUPHON OWI, built by Remco/The Netherlands
DTQWT, built by Philippe/Trinidad
PMS, built by Torben/Denmark
A Tannoy MG10 story from Jesper/Denmark, in Danish
PMS built by Ferran, Spain
DTQWT builders' response, no pics
Jazzman, built by Craig, Australia
Response from builders of Vifa constructions
SEAS 3-Way Classic, built by Max/Ukraine
Ekta, built by Ball/Thailand
CNO25 built by Daniel
New Cyclop cabs by Max/Ukraine and SEAS CA18RLY/22TAF-G floorstander
SP38 built by Roberto/Italy.
Jazzman buil by Roman/Ukraine
PMS, built by Yaniv, Israel
Update on Lennart's big speaker system built around the JA8008 driver
PMS, built by Manolis, Greece
3W-Classic, built by Björn/Sweden
Ekta,built by Staffan, Sweden
DTQWT built by Mark/Denmark
More response to JBL up-grade kit
SEAS 3-Way Classic, built by Slawek/Poland

31-12-2009: PMS built by Patricio, Spain.
DTQWT built by Peter/Denmark.
PMS built by Pierre/France. An impressive exercize in CNC manufacture.
SEAS W12CY003 mini built by Max/Ukraine.
PMS, built by Mike Kelly/US.
Cyclop, built by Max/Ukraine.
Cyclop, built by Laurent/France.
TJL2W built by Moshik/Israel.
3-Way Classic built by Pawel/Poland.
Ekta Grande built by Wen-Shan, Taiwan.
DTQWT, built by Ilpo/Sweden
Ekta Grande, built by Martin/Taiwan
CA18RLY/22TAF-G, built by Koen/Belgium.
CNO, built by Ray/UK
Ekta Grande, built by Dennis/Denmark. Comments in Danish.
CNO, built by Tore, Norway.
PMS built by Leif/Finland, another great piece of cabinet work.
EllamXT built by Keith/US.
ATR built by Sjaak/Holland.
DTQWT built by Chris/Greece.
Response from people having up-graded their vintage JBL L100 speakers.
CSM builders' response.
3W-Classic built by Richard Kuba/Slovakia; beautiful cabs!
TQWT built by Greymyth.
TJL3W built by Fabio, Italy
Poor Man's Strad built by Kari/Finland. Stunningly beautiful cabs!
Ekta, built by Geoffrey/New Zealand

31-12-2008: SP38/13 and Vifa PL18/XT built by Yavor.
DTQWT built by HUH/Thailand
Ekta Grande built by Oleg/Russia
JBL Recreation, built by Volker/DE
CNO built by Kjell/Norway - beautiful maritime cabs!
3W-Classic built by Stephen/US.
TJL3W built by Lance/UK
SP95 built by David, US
CNO built by Andrej with review
Ekta Grande built by Koen/Belgium (beautiful cabs)
3W-Classic built by JanK/Canada
SEAS-5INCH, CA18RLY built by Mats/Sweden (pdf file).
Acapella SEas built by Avi/Israel.
TQWT built by Liudas/Lithuania.
TQWT built by John Eekels/Holland.
JA8008 project from Lennart/Sweden. A gigantic project.
TJL2W-Neo3-version, built by Johnny.
CNO built by Kevin.
Ekta built by Ken/California.
My C20 kit in the hands of Per/Denmark. Correspondence in Danish only.
Up-date on PMS-builders.
View TJL3W built by Roman/Russia
View PMS built by Albert/Canada.
W15/OWI, built by Fritz Reinman. Ever tried bloodwood?