Builders' response 2008-2022
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19-12-2022: The Loudspeaker-3, built by Christopher
15-10-2022: Faital-3WC-10, built by Tim, USA
14-12-2022: Faital-3WC-10, built by Richard, Amsterdam
12-12-2022: TQWT-mkIII, built by Predrag, Slovenija
06-12-2022: ScanSpeak Jensen-1071, built by Jaroslaw, Poland
05-12-2022: ScanSpeak Discovery-3WC-mkII, built by Decher
05-12-2022: ScanSpeak Discovery 18W, built by Jan, Slovakia
25-11-2022. SEAS CA18RLY/22TAF-G, built by Alex, Ukraine
24-11-2022: SBAcoustics, SBA-MTM, built by Allan, Denmark
21-11-2022: FUSION-BAD, built Petr
29-10-2022: ScanSpeak Ekta mkII, built by Marshall
28-10-2022: Faital-3WC-10 and -15 built by Koenraad, Belgium
22-10-2022: ScanSpeak Discovery-861, built by Joel, Denmark
21-10-2022: Further comments from PieterJan on his The Loudspeaker-1
20-10-2022: Faital-3WC-10, built by Ole, Norway
12-10-2022: SEAS CNO-4, built by Lars, Sweden
05-10-2022: ScanSpeak Discovery-81, built by Dave
02-10-2022: ScanSpeak, Ekta-25, built by Dan
02-20-2022: The Loudspeaker-2, built by Noam
30-09-2022: SBAcoustics, SBA-16-MTM, built by Marcel (pdf file)
28-09-2022: DTQWT-mkII, built by Luc, Canada
28-09-2022: Faital-3WC-10, built by Przem
16-09-2022: Faital-3WC-10, built by Lars, Sweden
14-09-2022: SEAS Jenzen-ER, built by Sandro, Chile
06-09-2022: Faital-3WC-10, built by Jarkko
03-09-2022: ScanSpeak Discovery-CENTER, built by Chadd
16-08-2022: Faital-3WC-10, built by Walter
16-08-2022: ScanSpeak Ellam-Discovery-15, built by Gaetan, Canada
13-08-2022: SBAcoustics, SBA-861-PFCR, built by JD
12-08-2022: Faital-3WC-10, built by Joe
06-08-2022: SBAcoustics, SBA-16-MTM, built by Berat, Denmark
01-08-2022: SEAS CNO-GRANDE, built by Jay
29-07-2022: Vifa PL14 projects, built by Steve, Australia
20-07-2022: ScanSpeak Ekta mkII, built by Michael, Italy (concrete cabinets!)
06-07-2022: Faital-3WC-10, built by Riccardo
02-07-2022: The Loudspeaker-2, built by Philipp
29-06-2022: SBAcoustics, SBA-761, built by John
26-06-2022: ScanSpeak Ekta-25, built by Chris
26-06-2022: The Loudspeaker-3, built by Wei
19-06-2022: Faital-3WC-10, built by Bruno, Italy
14-06-2022: SEAS CENTER-641-NEXT, built by Petri, Finland
04-06-2022: Peerless NOMEX-164-mkII, built by Paul, Canada
29-05-2022: Open-baffle: OBL-15, built by Andrea
25-05-2022: Purifi-6R, built by Bran
18-05-2022: ScanSpeak Discovery-18W, built by Attilio and Moreno
17-05-2022: ScanSpeak Illuminator-MONITOR, built by Malik
15-05-2022: ScanSpeak Discovery-861, built by Alberto, Italy
02-05-2022: ScanSpeak Discovery-861, built by David, Spain
22-04-2022: SBAcoustics, SBA-861-PFCR, built by Sebastian, Sweden
16-04-2022: The Loudspeaker-3, built by Dominic
14-04-2022: TQWT-mkIII, built by Pablo, Argentina
13-04-2022: ScanSpeak Discovery-861, built by Leo
13-04-2022: ScanSpeak Discovery-861, built by Greg, US
10-04-2022: Illuminator-71, built by Tommy, US
10-04-2022: Faital-3WC-10, built by Christian, Italy
06-04-2022: ScanSpeak Revelator-4R, built by Jody, US
04-04-2022: Faital-3WC-12, built by Itsik
26-03-2022: Faital-3WC-10, built by Marian, Romania
23-03-2022: SBAcoustics, SBA-861-PFCR, built by Mircea
16-03-2022: ScanSpeak Discovery 3WC-mkII, built by Timo, Finland
10-03-2022: ScanSpeak 10" subwoofer, built by Jason
09-03-2022: SEAS, Poor Man's Strad, built by JC
06-03-2022: Faital-3WC-10, built by Marko, Croatia
03-03-2022: Faital-3WC-15, built by Peter, The Netherlands
01-03-2022: DTQWT-mkIII, built by Simas, Lithuania
27-02-2022: The Loudspeaker-3, built by Dominique, France
26-02-2022: ScanSpeak Illuminator-Monitor, built by Thomas, US
23-02-2022: SEAS Jenzen NEXT, update on build by CC Li, Hong Kong
22-02-2022: Purifi-6R, built by Roberto
15-02-2022: Faital-3WC-15, built by Bartlomiej, Poland
18-01-2022: ScanSpeak Illuminator-7751, built by Mike
18-01-2022: TQWT-mkIII, built by Jose, Spain
14-01-2022: SEAS Jenzen-NEXT, built by Dieter
11-01-2022: ScanSpeak Illuminator-7751, built by Goran
06-01-2022: Faital-3WC-10, built by Reto
04-01-2022: Faital-3WC-15, built by Stephan
01-01-2022: Purifi-6R, built by Paul


28-12-2021: SEAS CNO-GRANDE, built by Jan
22-12-2021: ScanSpeak Discovery-861, built by Alain, New Zealand
21-12-2021: SBAcoustics SBA-16-MTM, built by Andre, Germany (pdf file)
18-12-2021: SBAcoustics SBA-16-MTM, built by Marcus, Sweden
18-12-2021: Faital 3WC-15, built by Koen
10-12-2021: ScanSpeak Illuminator-Monitor, built by Richard
07-12-2021: 8008-CENTER, built by Vyacheslav, US
05-12-2021: CNO-GRANDE, built by Bas, The Netherlands
26-11-2021: 8008-CENTER, built by Rune (pdf file)
25-11-2021: Faital-3WC-12, built by Maxim, The Netherlands
14-11-2021: ScanSpeak Illuminator-71, built by Gabanguak, Thailand
13-11-2021: ScanSpeak Ellam-XT, built by Samuel
12-11-2021: Ekta G, Disc-3WC-mkII, Studio 101-mkII, SEAS CNO-mkIII, built by Riccardo
09-11-2021: SEAS 3-way Classic, mkI, built by Alexandr
08-11-2021: Faital-3WC-15, built by Alexey, Russia
03-11-2021: OBL-15, built by Andreas, Germany
01-11-2021: ScanSpeak Ekta mkII, built by Maarten, The Netherlands
20-10-2021: SBAcoustics, SBA-761, built by Steve
18-10-2021: Faital-3WC-12, built by Peter
09-10-2021: SBAcoustics, SBA-761, built by Donnie, US
08-10-2021: Faital-3WC-10, built by Peter
03-10-2021: ScanSpeak Discovery 18W, built by Andrea, Italy
29-09-2021: Faital 3WC-12, built by Giacinto, Italy
14-09-2021: ScanSpeak Ekta-2D, built by Chris, The Netherlands
13-09-2021: ScanSpeak Discovery-861, built by Mogens, Denmark
09-09-2021: NOMEX-164, BOOKSHELF, Peerless 830860, built by Per, Denmark
08-09-2021: Faital 3WC-15, built by Dominick
18-08-2021: SEAS CURV, made by Riki
14-08-2021: The Loudspeaker-2, built by Andrew
11-08-2021: SBAcoustics SBA-741, built by Daniel
03-08-2021: The Loudspeaker-3, built by John
02-08-2021: My SEAS CNO-25 in America
25-07-2021: The Loudspeaker-1, built by Paul
25-07-2021: ScanSpeak Discovery 3WC-mkII, built by Ling, China
06-07-2021: SBAcoustics, SBA-10, built by Mariusz, Poland
06-07-2021: ScanSpeak Discovery 3WC-mkII, built by Zach
29-06-2021: SEAS CNO-4, built by Mark, Australia
29-06-2021: ScanSpeak Ellam Discovery 15, built by Gaétan
24-06-2021: The Loudspeaker 2, built by Mark
24-06-2021: SEAS CNO-mkIII, built by RM
14-06-2021: SEAS 5-INCH project, built by Jarda, Czech Rep
14-06-2021: SEAS 3-way Classic mkI, built by Jarda, Czech Rep
11-06-2021: Discovery 3WC-mkII and -CENTER, Studio 101 mkII, built by Taxiarchis, Greece
11-06-2021: SEAS NEXT-4, built by Noam
07-06-2021: DTQWT-mkIII, built by Claus, Denmark
06-06-2021: The Loudspeaker-3, built by Ivan
29-05-2021: ScanSpeak BOOKSHELF-3WC, built by Gary
24-05-2021: Faital-3WC, built by Christopher update with pics, 13-06-2021
11-05-2021: 8008-CORNER, built by Martin, Czech Republic
08-05-2021: Faital 3WC-15, built by Jacob, US
02-05-2021: ScanSpeak Ekta mkII, built by Arunas
28-04-2021: The Loudspeaker-3, built by Harald, DE
20-04-2021: The Loudspeaker-3, built by Josip
12-04-2021: SBAcoustics, SBA-761, built by Mirek, UK
09-04-2021: ScanSpeak, MUN-17, built by Alex
03-04-2021: ScanSpeak Revelator 4R, built by Ronald, The Netherlands
02-04-2021: ScanSpeak Discovery-861, built by Tom, Canada
28-03-2021: TQWT mkIII, built by Algirdas, Lithuania
25-03-2021: Discovery 3WC, built by Leo, UK
23-03-2021: Faital 3WC-15, built by Hugh, Australia, update
23-03-2021: The Loudspeaker-1, built by PieterJan, update
21-03-2021: 8008-QUATTRO-mkII, built by Matthias
17-03-2021: ScanSpeak Ekta mkII, built by Niklas, Sweden
16-03-2021: ScanSpeak Discovery-861, built by Bas
12-03-2021: AudioTechnology/BlieSMa, built by Harald, Germany
10-03-2021: Faital 3WC-15, built by Sergio
07-03-2021: Faital 3WC-15, built by Eric, US
27-02-2021: ScanSpeak SP-95, built by Pavlo, Ukraine
25-02-2021: SEAS 3WC-mkII and SEAS-CURV, built by Maciek
21-02-2021: The Loudspeaker-1, built by PieterJan
11-02-2021: ScanSpeak Discovery-861, built by Jarkko, Finland
10-02-2021: SBAcoustics, SBA-741 + bass module, built by Lars
07-02-2021: Michael's corona-lockdown, SEAS CA18RLY+Philips AD0160/T8 tweeter
04-02-2021: ScanSpeak Revelator 4R, built by Jerry
02-02-2021: ScanSpeak Ellam-dappo, built by George, US
02-02-2021: Faital 3WC, built by John
28-01-2021: Faital 3WC-15, built by Hugh, Australia
25-01-2021: ScanSpeak Discovery 3WC, built by Marino
23-01-2021: AudioTechnology ATS4-HE, built by David
22-01-2021: Yamaha NS 1000 upgrade, built by Carl
15-01-2021: SEAS Jenzen-NEXT, built by Qu
11-01-2021: DTQWT-mkIII-212, built by Carlo, The Netherlands
10-01-2021: ScanSpeak Subwoofer, 12", built by James, UK
08-01-2021: Faital 3WC, built by Christian, Italy
04-01-2021: The Loudspeaker-1, built by Augustus
03-01-2021: ScanSpeak 3WC, built by Pontus
03-01-2021: ScanSpeak Bookshelf, built by Didier
01-01-2021: The Loudspeaker-1, built by Joel
22-12-2020: SBAcoustics, SBA-761, built by Andrea
20-12-2020: AudioTechnology ATS-4, built by Stefan, Rumania. See images from a real pro in woodworking!
19-12-2020: SBAcoustics, SBA-741, built by Arjen, The Netherlands
19-12-2020: SBAcoustics SBA-941, built by Rob, Australia
12-12-2020: ScanSpeak Jenzen Ill, built by Juraj, Slovakia
09-12-2020: Faital-3WC-15, built by Hans-Kristian, Denmark
02-12-2020: ScanSpeak 10" Subwoofer, built by Denis, Canada
02-12-2020: ScanSpeak Ekta mkII, built by Paul
29-11-2020: SBAcoustics SBA-761, built by Andreas, Germany
29-11-2020: Faital 3WC, built by Mike, Russia
13-11-2020: Peerless/ScanSpeak NOMEX-164 mkII, built by Giuseppe
08-11-2020: Peerless/ScanSpeak NOMEX-164 mkII, built by Giacomo
06-11-2020: The Loudspeaker-1, built by Daniil, Russia
06-11-2020: Faital-3WC-15, built by Aris
06-11-2020: JBL L36, modded by David, France
29-10-2020: The Loudspeaker and OBL-15, built by Gottfried, Austria
28-10-2020: My Faital 3WC-15. Buyer's review.
24-10-2020: TQWT-mkII, built by Raja
11-10-2020: Faital 3WC, built by Andrea, Italy
20-09-2020: SEAS CENTER-641-NEXT, built by Trevor
14-09-2020: Faital 3WC, built by Attilio Sergio
14-09-2020: SBA-MTM, built by René, The Netherlands
12-09-2020: Faital-3WC, built by Morten, Denmark
09-09-2020: DTQWT-mkIII, built by Cameron, Australia
09-09-2020: SEAS CENTER-641-NEXT, built by Steven
02-09-2020: SEAS CNO-mkIII, built by Tore
27-08-2020: The Loudspeaker-1, built by Petri, Finland
27-08-2020: SEAS Jenzen NEXT, built by Harald, Norway
24-08-2020: ScanSpeak MUN-17, built by Robert
18-08-2020: ScanSpeak Discovery-4, built by Ivan
08-08-2020: SBAcoustics, SBA-761, built by Joel, Sweden
03-08-2020: ScanSpeak Illuminator-5, built by Marty
03-08-2020: SEAS CNO-25-mkII, built by Treevor, UK
03-08-2020: The Loudspeaker-1, built by Tobias, Germany
29-07-2020: ScanSpeak Ekta Grande, built by Charvát, Czech Republic
28-07-2020: ScanSpeak Discovery-4 and Jenzen SEAS-ER, built by Juan
02-07-2020: FUSION, built by Mark, Australia
01-07-2020: Jenzen NEXT, built by Alex, Russia
23-06-2020: OBL-15 (almost) built by Nicholas, SA
22-06-2020: SBAcoustics, SBA-761, built by Malcolm, UK
05-06-2020: The Loudspeaker-2, built by Gordon, UK
04-06-2020: AudioTechnology 3WC, built by Denis
04-06-2020: DTQWT, built by Valentin, Spain
03-06-2020: FUSION-BAD, built by Mike, UK
02-06-2020: SEAS CNO-GRANDE, built by Rüdiger, Denmark
29-05-2020: ScanSpeak Ekta mkII, built by Jean-Francois
29-05-2020: Peerless 830860, built by Dana
23-05-2020: SBA61-NAC, built by Paul
23-05-2020: SBA-761, built by Jouke, The Netherlands
21-05-2020: SEAS CNO-mkIII, built by Lech
20-05-2020: SEAS 3WC-Classic mkII, built by Marek
16-05-2020: DTQWT-mkIII, built by Johannes, Sweden
02-05-2020: FUSION, built by Gideon
30-04-2020: ScanSpeak BOOKSHELF, built by Dominick
29-04-2020: Faital 3WC, built by Milliau
27-04-2020: DTQWT-mkIII, built by Mirek
20-04-2020: SBA-MTM, built by Brian
11-04-2020: Faital-3WC, built by Peter, The Netherlands
11-04-2020: CNO-GRANDE, built by Andrew
11-04-2020: QUATTRO-mkII, built by Carlo
09-04-2020: DTQWT-mkIII, built by Tyberiusz, Poland
11-03-2020: SBAcoustics SBA-741, built by Arjen, The Netherlands (pdf file)
08-03-2020: ScanSpeak Ekta mkII, built by Andreas, Sweden
25-02-2020: SEAS Cyclop, built by Evgenii, Russia
15-02-2020: ScanSpeak Discovery-15, built by Kevin
13-02-2020: QUATTRO mkII, built by Pieter, Belgium
12-02-2020: Poor Man's Strad, built by Pavel, Belarus. Stunning cabinet work!
05-02-2020: SEAS 5INCH, CA15RLY, built by Kevin, US
27-01-2020: FUSION, built by Tyberiusz, Poland
24-01-2020: ScanSpeak STUDIO 101 mkII, built by Giampaolo
23-01-2020: DTQWT-mkII, built by Lars, Denmark
22-01-2020: ScanSpeak Ekta mkII, built by Linus
21-01-2020: SEAS W15, built by Fred
13-01-2020: OBL-15, built by Eric, Indonesia
08-01-2020: SBA-761, built by Hein
30-12-2019: FUSION, built by Flemming, Denmark
21-12-2019: SEAS Jenzen NEXT, built by Roman, Russia
19-12-2019: ScanSpeak Jenzen Illuminator, built by Fedor, Russia
18-12-2019: ScanSpeak Ekta Grande, built by Riccardo, Italy
17-12-2019: SBAcoustics-MW19, built by Vittorio
28-11-2019: DTQWT-mkIII, built by Cees
28-11-2019: FUSION, passive version, built by Evaldas
11-11-2019: SP-44, built by Gerrie
03-11-2019: QUATTRO mkII, built by Phil, Germany
01-11-2019: Nomex 164 mkII, built by Kamil, Czech Republic
25-10-2019: ScanSpeak Ekta mkII, built by Andreas
19-10-2019: SBA-941, built by Laurent, Belgium
19-10-2019: ScanSpeak Discovery W18, built by Jens, Denmark
18-10-2019: SEAS 3WC-mkI, built by Alex, Russia
15-09-2019: SEAS CA18RLY-22TAF-G, built by Christian, DE
12-09-2019: 8008-CORNER, built by Joel
03-09-2019: SBAcoustics, SBA-3WC, built by Evelio
19-08-2019: The Loudspeaker, built by Georgi (youtube link)
19-08-2019: SEAS CNO-mkII, built by Noam
22-07-2019: ScanSpeak CSM, Compact Studio Monitor, built by Timo, Finland
16-07-2019: AudioTechnology-GRT, ATiRi, built by Phillip, US
14-07-2019: The Loudspeaker, built by Nick, UK
14-07-2019: Ekta Grande, built by Piero, Italy
25-06-2019: ScanSpeak Ekta mkII, built by Jason
24-06-2019: FUSION, built by Henk, NL
23-06-2019: ScanSpeak BOOKSHELF, built by Ove
21-06-2019: Super-tweeter for DTQWT, built by Бакутин Валерий
20-06-2019: ScanSpeak Illumina-66, built by Erik
15-06-2019: ScanSpeak Ellipticor-3, built by Gregory
12-06-2019: SEAS Jenzen NEXT, built by Karan
26-05-2019: The Loudspeaker, built by Gary
26-05-2019: JBL upgrade kit, Henrik
19-05-2019: ScanSpeak Discovery 3WC, built by Marco
17-05-2019: ScanSpeak Jenzen Illuminator, built by Steven
17-05-2019: ScanSpeak Ekta Grande, built by Andrea
13-05-2019: SBA-761, built by Thomas
11-04-2019: AudioTechnology 3WC, built by Dominic
06-04-2019: SBAcoustics, SBA-941, built by Dante
04-04-2019: ScanSpeak CSM, built by Alex
31-03-2019: Illuminator Monitor, built by Vadim
24-03-2019: ScanSpeak Ellam 98 mkII, built by Michael, Australia
22-03-2019: SEAS CURV, built by Marek
19-03-2019: ScanSpeak Discovery-3WC, buil by Steen
11-03-2019: ScanSpeak Discovery 18W, built by Marino
07-03-2019: SEAS Acapella NEXT, built by Stephen
28-02-2019: SEAS Jenzen-NEXT, built by Alex, Russia
27-02-2019: Peerless NOMEX-164-mkII and SEAS CENTER 641-NEXT, built by Lucas
25-02-2019: DTQWT-mkIII, built by Cianno, Italy
16-02-2019: Peerless NOMEX-164-mkII, built by André
10-02-2019: JBL L26-3-Way, built by Dan
08-02-2019: ScanSpeak Discovery 12W, built by Ilia, Israel
27-01-2019: Maglev turntable, built by Eric, US
22-01-2019: OBL-15. built by Xing Xiao, China
21-01-2019: The Loudspeaker, built by Bjarne, Denmark
17-01-2019: ScanSpeak subwoofer, built by Vyacheslav
11-01-2019: SBAcoustics MW19, built by Jaak, Belgium
02-01-2019: The Loudspeaker, built by Markus, Finland
30-12-2018: DTQWT, built by Bernardo, Germany
29-12-2018: ScanSpeak Ekta mkII, built by Stephen
21-12-2018: Jenzen NEXT, built by Alex, Russia
14-12-2018: SEAS CNO mkII, built by Robbin, The Netherlands
03-12-2018: SEAS Jenzen ER, built by Michele
02-12-2018: FUSION, built by Rémi
25-11-2018: SEAS 3-Way Classic, built by Frédéric, Switzerland
21-11-2018: The Loudspeaker, built by Toby, Ireland
21-11-2018: ScanSpeak Discovery 3WC, built by Garry
14-11-2018: ATS4-HE, built by Vassil, US
06-11-2018: Ekta Grande, built by Paul
11-10-2018: Illumina-66, built by Lars
08-10-2018: ATiRi, AudioTechnology - GRT-145 ribbon, built by Soeren, Denmark
06-10-2018: Discovery 18W, built by Patrick, Germany
03-10-2018: Ekta Grande, built by Kenneth, Denmark
01-10-2018: More response to capacitor up-grade from Steve
19-09-2018: CNO-T25, built by Pavel
03-09-2018: SBAcoustics 3WC, built by Flemming, Denmark
21-08-2018: ScanSpeak Ellam-XT, built by Peter, Slovakia
21-08-2018: ScanSpeak Illuminator-5, built by Brian, US. See some amazing copper clad cabinets!
15-08-2018: Ellam FLEX 3W and DTQWT, built by Jon, Norway (beautiful Ellam cabs!)
12-08-2018: Ellam FLEX, built by Александр/Alexandr, Russia
12-08-2018: SEAS 3-Way Classic mkI, built by Jon, Sweden
12-08-2018: Jenzen Illuminator, built by Alx, Russia
29-07-2018: Jenzen-NEXT, built by Steve
26-07-2018: SBA-10, built by Ivica
26-07-2018: ScanSpeak Illumina-66, built by Peter
23-07-2018: 8008-CENTER, built by Steve
22-07-2018: Jenzen Illuminator, Built by Gines
16-07-2018: SEAS 3WC-mkII, built by Wilfried
14-07-2018: SBA-10, built by Rajeev
14-07-2018: SBA-10, built by Carlo, Italy
13-07-2018: DTQWT-mkIII, built by Omar, Mexico
12-07-2018: Cyclop, built by Jarek, Poland
06-07-2018: OBL-15, built by Nash, US
04-07-2018: SBAcoustics MTM-16, built by George, US
02-07-2018: ATS-4, built by Runner
02-07-2018: Jenzen-Accu, built by Vitalie
29-06-2018: Peerless 830860, built by Adam, UK
27-06-2018: Ekta mkII, built by Dante
25-06-2018: SEAS-CURV, built by Andreas, Sweden
25-06-2018: 8008-CENTER, built by Mark
24-06-2018: Jenzen-NEXT, built by Alex, Russia
13-06-2018: Ellipticor-1, built by John, The Netherlands
06-06-2018: ScanSpeak Discovery-18W, built by Zoltan, Hungary
06-06-2018: Ekta mkI, built by Evgeniy
29-05-2018: SBAcoustics-61-NAC, built by Gordon
25-05-2018: SBAcoustics MTM, built by Thomas, South Africa
23-05-2018: ScanSpeak Discovery 3WC, built by Pieter, Belgium
15-05-2018: DTQWT-mkIII, built by Rune, Norway
13-05-2018: ScanSpeak 3WC-C, built by Mark, US
13-05-2018: Ellam FLEX 3W, built by Ciro
02-05-2018: Studio 101, built by Juan, Spain
01-05-2018: Ekta Grande, built by Haluk, Australia
27-04-2018: FUSION, built by Thibaud, Belgium
26-04-2018: Discovery 18W, built by Neno, Croatia
16-04-2018: Discovery 18W, built by Ciro, US
10-04-2018: SBA-MTM and SEAS W15/OW1, built by John, The Netherlands
10-04-2018: NOMEX-164 (mkI) built by Robert, NL
09-04-2018: SBA-MTM, built by Gordon
08-03-2018: ScanSpeak Discovery 3WC, built by Bahman
28-02-2018: DTQWT-mkIII, built by Carl-Magnus
21-02-2018: Ellam FLEX, built by Stasa, France
11-02-2018: OBL-15 and 8008-CENTER, built by Kristjan
01-02-2018: Ekta Grande, built by Ermanno, Italy
28-01-2018: Illuminator-4, Gordon
21-01-2018: Illuminator-4, built by Morten, Norway
19-01-2018: Jenzen Illuminator, built by David
18-01-2018: Discovery 3-Way Classic, built by Toby, Ireland
13-01-2018: DTQWT-mkIII, built by Sergio, US
06-01-2018: AudioTechnology 3-Way Classic, built by Sergey, Ukraine (pdf file)
05-01-2018: Ellam d'Appolito, built by George, US
nn-nn-2017: Ellam-FLEX, built by Hakan
28-12-2017: Discovery 12W, built by Gregor, Slovenia
25-12-2017: OBL-15, built by Vassil07-12-2017: NEXT-4, built by Detlef, Germany
04-12-2017: NOMEX 164 mkII, built by Charles
29-11-2017: Ellam FLEX-3W, built by Vaidas, Lithuania
28-11-2017: DTQWT-mkIII, built by Simon
22-11-2017: Ellam FLEX 3W, built by Rob, UK
19-11-2017: DTQWT-212, built by Giuseppe
10-10-2017: ScanSpeak Illuminator-5, built by Man, Thailand
10-10-2017: SEAS CNO-25, built by Noam, Germany
10-10-2017: ScanSpeak, Jensen-1071, built by Miguel, Spain
10-10-2017: Nomex 164, built by Oliver, Reunion Island
10-10-2017: Discovery-4, and -5, built by Emanuele, Italy
10-09-2017: 8008-CORNER, built by Hayo, Netherlands
07-09-2017: Discovery 15, built by Drew
04-09-2017: DTQWT mkII, built by Paul, Canada
18-08-2017: ScanSpeak Studio-101, built by Damon
15-08-2017: DTQWT-mkII, built by Rolando, Argentina
11-08-2017: Peerless NOMEX 164, built by Harvey, Australia
04-08-2017: ScanSpeak Discovery 18W, built by Benen
03-08-2017: Jenzen NEXT, built by Marek
29-07-2017: ScanSpeak Discovery 3WC, built by David
21-07-2017: TQWT-mkIII, built by Michele
14-07-2017: Peerless NOMEX-164 and ScanSpeak Discovery W18, built by Hans, Sweden
06-07-2017: SBA MTM, built by John, The Netherlands
18-06-2017: ATS-4, built by Pellegrino
17-06-2017: ScanSpeak Illuminator-4, built by Michael, Denmark
16-06-2017: ScanSpeak SP95, built by Ricardo, Spain
06-06-2017: Ellam FLEX 3W, built by Boris
06-06-2017: OBL-15, built by Steve
30-05-2017: SBA MW19, built by Dominic
28-05-2017: OBL-15, built by Max, Denmark
23-05-2017: Jenzen NEXT, built by Wang
16-05-2017: ATS4, built by Tim
16-05-2017: ScanSpeak Discovery 18W, built by James, UK
06-05-2017: SEAS CURV, built by Griffiths, Canada
30-04-2017: SEAS 3-Way Classic mkII, built by Dennis, The Netherlands
25-04-2017: ScanSpeak, CSM, built by Roland, Hungary
20-04-2017: 8008-CORNER, built by Alex and Ian
18-04-2017: Testing Audio-gd pre-amp/headphone amplifier NFB-1AMP
15-04-2017: SBAcoustics SBA-10, now with Be dome
13-04-2017: SBA MW16 MTM with Be dome, TW29BN
09-04-2017: SBA MW19 with Be-dome, TW29BN
30-03-2017: Testing SBAcoustics Be-dome tweeter, the TW29BN
30-03-2017: Building a new turntable from a 12 kgs alu platter with maglev
25-02-2017: Renovating more Lenco L75 decks
20-01-2017: SBAcoustics, SBA-16-MTM
13-01-2017: Measuring inductance of low-DCR coils, like C-coils
13-01-2017: Response to upgrade from standard PP caps to super-caps
02-01-2017: QUATTRO, built by Zsolt, Hungary


14-12-2016: SEAS W15-OWI, built by Jean-Yves
13-12-2016: SEAS 3WC-mkII, built by Arunas
13-12-2016: SBAcoustics 61-NAC, built by Damian
23-11-2016: SEAS 3-Way Classic, built by Marcin, Poland
22-11-2016: 2 x ATS-4, built by Bertrand and Dominic, Canada
22-11-2016: DTQWT-mkIII, built by Damir
21-11-2016: ScanSpeak Studio-101, built by William, AU
16-11-2016: ScanSpeak DISCOVERY-4, built by Dave, US
11-11-2016: Jenzen-ATS, built by Toni
10-11-2016: Peerless HDS134, built by Kamil, Czech Rep.
23-10-2016: ScanSpeak Discovery W18, built by Peter, Hungary
10-10-2016: SEAS 3-Way Classic mkII, built by Denis, France
09-10-2016: DTQWT-mkII to mkIII, built by John
09-10-2016: Ellam 98 mkII, built by Gio
22-09-2016: SEAS Jenzen ER, built by Alberto, Australia
14-09-2016: NEXT-4, built by JM, Finland
04-09-2016: TQWT mkIII, built by Walter, Germany
30-08-2016: NEXT-4, built by Jan, NL
22-08-2016: Ellam XT, built by Omar, Mexico
21-08-2016: JBL L100 upgrade, done by Pawel
10-08-2016: Acapella NEXT, built by Marek, Poland
09-08-2016: AudioTechnology 3WC, built by Runner
06-08-2016: SEAS 5-INCH, built by Tommy, Denmark
21-07-2016: ScanSpeak Subwoofer, built by Andrew, Australia
15-07-2016: SEAS W15-Neo3, built by Aapeli, Finland
11-07-2016: Ellam-XT, built by Tuomo, Finland
08-07-2016: CNO-T25, built by Christopher, Poland
29-06-2016: SEAS CNO-25, built by Andrew, UK
27-06-2016: Jenzen SEAS ER, built by Alexandru
23-06-2016: OBL-15, built by Mikael, Denmark
20-06-2016: JBL Up-Grade Kit, response from Joseph
06-06-2016: OBL-15, built by Bernhard
06-06-2016: AudioTechnology PRELUDE, built by Vincent
17-05-2016: AudioTechnology 3-Way Classic, built by Haim
17-05-2016: DTQWT-mkIII, built by Wilco
11-05-2016: Illumina 66, built by Marcin, UK
01-05-2016: DTQWT-mkIII, built by Kristjan, Sweden
28-04-2016: Ellam FLEX, built by Anang
23-04-2016: Jenzen Illuminator, built by Glenn
23-04-2016: Ellam XT, built by Michaël
04-04-2016: Jenzen Illuminator, built by Nicholas, South Africa
03-04-2016: ScanSpeak micro 5F, built by Magnus, Sweden
03-04-2016: AudioTechnology PRELUDE, built by Volker, Germany
27-03-2016: AudioTechnology AT-SW, built by Michael, Denmark
24-03-2016: Peerless NOMEX-164, built by Johan, Sweden
11-03-2016: SBAcoustics, 3-Way Classic, built by Diego
01-03-2016: SEAS 3-Way Classic mkII, built by NN
29-02-2016: Update Discovery 3-Way Classic, built by Alex Read what super-caps can do
27-02-2016: Illumina-66, built by Arve, Norway
26-02-2016: NEXT-4, built by Mark, Latvia. Stunning cabinet work!
23-02-2016: ScanSpeak Studio 101, built by Pierre
21-02-2016: QUATTRO mkII, built by Robert, US
20-02-2016: Discovery-4, built by Mathias, Sweden
14-02-2016: DTQWT mkIII and Illumina 66, built by Richard, UK
12-02-2016: Ellam XT mkII, built by Lewis, stepped baffle and modified crossover
11-02-2016: Ellam XT, built by Paul, Canada
31-01-2016: Ellam 98 mkII and Discovery W18, built by Keith
30-01-2016: ScanSpeak Discovery W18, built by Rik, Belgium
27-01-2016: CSM, built by Niels, Denmark
23-01-2016: OBL-15, built by Güney, Turkey
22-01-2016: PMS, built by Dragan
22-01-2016: TQWT, built by Marc
03-01-2016: PMS, built by Chris, Poland. Stunning cabinet work!!

31-12-2015: SEAS 5-INCH, built by Wes
29-12-2015: Jenzen-SEAS-ER, built by Dave
27-12-2015: ScanSpeak Illuminator Monitor, built by Nick, AU
26-12-2015: Ellam XT, built by Boban, Serbia
24-12-2015: TJL-3W, built by Michal
22-12-2015: Discovery 3-Way Classic, built by Alex
13-12-2015: ScanSpeak Illumina-66, built by Steve
12-12-2015: DTQWT-mkIII, built by Brenton
11-12-2015: DTQWT-mkIII, built Hans-Kristian, Denmark
10-12-2015: SEAS CNO-25, built by Daniel. CHECK IT OUT! STUNNING CABINET WORK!
08-12-2015: SEAS 3-Way Classic mkII, built by Alex
07-12-2015: NOMEX 164, built by Antti, Finland
05-12-2015: CNO-25, built by Phillip, Germany
01-12-2015: Jenzen ATS, built by Daniel
26-11-2015: Ellam FLEX 3-Way, built by Tommy, US
18-11-2015: Eekels' Minis, built by Bengt
15-11-2015: Ellam FLEX 3-Way, built by Chris
12-10-2015: Revelator 4R, built by Joe
10-10-2015: Ellam FLEX 3-Way, built by Elko
10-10-2015: DTQWT 212, built by Stu, Canada
25-09-2015: Illumina 66, built by Jallu, Finland
08-09-2015: TQWT mkIII, built by Florian
04-09-2015: Ekta Grande, built by Enrico
25-08-2015: TJL2W, built by Douglas
24-08-2015: JBL L100 upgrade by Stefan
08-08-2015: PMS, built by Yury, Canada
08-07-2015: Discovery 15, built by Will
27-06-2015: Ellam 98 mkII, built by Jesper, Denmark
21-06-2015: SEAS 2½-way CA18RNX, built by Alexander, Russia
18-06-2015: DTQWT-mkIII, built by Andreas, Norway
11-06-2015: Ekta, built by Moreno, Italy
29-05-2015: ScanSpeak 3W-Classic, built by Eric
25-05-2015: CNO-25, built by Paul
10-05-2015: Peerless HDS, built by Trond/UK.
04-05-2015: CNO mkII, built by Pablo
24-04-2015: DTQWT-mkIII, built by Paul, Australia
24-04-2015: Jenzen Illuminator, built by Juray, Slovakia
15-04-2015: DTQWT, built by Andrey, Russia
15-04-2015: ScanSpeak Ekta, built by Fabio, Italy
11-04-2015: Eekels' minis, built by Lars
09-04-2015: Ellam 98 mkII, built by Vassil, USA
08-04-2015: Ellam XT, built by Hannes
04-04-2015: ScanSpeak CSM, built by Adelino, Portugal
03-04-2015: TQWT mkIII, built by Joshua, Belgium
22-03-2015: Discovery W18, built by Mattias, Sweden
20-03-2015: ScanSpeak 3-Way Classic, built by Jannik, Denmark
18-03-2015: SEAS CURV, built by Andrea, Italy
01-03-2015: Vifa C17 d'Appolito, built by Willy, Norway
28-02-2015: SEAS CA18RNX-2.5, built by Jonas, Norway
10-02-2015: Ellam FLEX, built by Hugues
04-02-2015: NOMEX-164, built by Dale, US (pdf file)
30-01-2015: DTQWT-12, built by Marek, Poland
27-01-2015: Ekta Grande, built by Mattias, Sweden
27-01-2015: Jenzen Illuminator, built by Thomas, Denmark
24-01-2015: ScanSpeak Discovery W18, built by Eugene, Balarus
22-01-2015: Illumina-66, built by Juan, Spain
19-01-2015: CNO-T25, built by Ronny, Sweden
15-01-2015: SEAS 3W-Classic, built by Kalle, Finland
05-01-2015: CNO-25, built by Sanjeev

29-12-2014: TQWT, built by Istvan, Hungary
26-12-2014: PMS with 10" bass driver, built by Rik, Belgium
25-12-2014: SEAS CA18RNX-2.5, built by Geoffrey
19-12-2014: NOMEX 164, built by Nigel, Australia
02-12-2014: DTQWT, built by David, Australia
28-11-2014: NOMEX-164, built by Omar, Italy (pdf file)
24-11-2014: Ellam-FLEX "Concrete", built by Thomas, Sweden
21-11-2014: Ellam-FLEX, built by Allan, Denmark
19-11-2014: DTQWT, built by Alan, US
04-11-2014: Jenzen Illuminator, built by Vincenzo, Italy
01-11-2014: TQWT, built by Alberto, Italy
31-10-2014: ScanSpeak 3-Way Classic, built by Sjaak, The Netherlands
31-10-2014: NOMEX 164, built by Federico
12-10-2014: ATS-4, built by Frank, The Netherlands
27-09-2014: SP44, built by NN
19-09-2014: DTQWT, built by Max, Spain
18-09-2014: SEAS-CURV, built by Hugues
18-09-2014: Jenzen Illuminator, built by Wei
27-08-2014: Discovery W18, built by Martin, Sweden
18-08-2014: DTQWT, built by Sorin
27-07-2014: ScanSpeak SP95, built by NN, China
20-07-2014: ScanSpeak SP95, built by NN, Russia
20-07-2014: Acapella SEas, built by Janne/Finland
20-07-2014: Ekta Grande, built by Herman, Italy
08-07-2014: PMS-Excel, built by René, The Netherlands
03-07-2014: ScanSpeak Micro, built by Paul, Canada
18-06-2014: Illumina 66, built by Daniele, Italy
30-05-2014: DTQWT, built by Kenny, The Netherlands
22-05-2014: SEAS CURV, built by Jannik, Denmark
16-05-2014: ScanSpeak W15/9700, built by Patrick, Canada
09-05-2014: Jenzen ATS, built by Jacques, France
08-05-2014: Jenzen Illuminator, built by Weisi, China
05-05-2014: DTQWT, byult by Almar and Herman, The Netherlands
03-05-2014: SEAS TJL-3Wway, built by Roman, Russia (Roman's 2nd pair)
30-04-2014: Ekta Grande, built by Alexander, Russia
27-04-2014: Jenzen Illuminator, built by Sébastien, France
21-04-2014: OBL-11, built by Steven, Indonesia
15-04-2014: Studio 101, built by Alex, Australia
12-04-2014: Ekta Grande, built by Alberto, Spain
08-04-2014: Jenzen Diamonds, built by Nigel, Australia
24-03-2014: Jensen 1071, built by Ziggy, Poland
19-03-2014: Discovery W18, built by Paul, Canada
18-03-2014: Jenzen Accu, built by Jara, Czech Republic
08-03-2014: Up-date on Ellam FLEX 3W, built by Bertrand, Canada
04-03-2014: CNO, built by Tom
24-02-2014: Illumina 66, built by Giuliano
24-02-2014: Ellam FLEX 3W, built by Bertrand, Canada, stunning front panels!
20-02-2014: ScanSpeak Ellam 98, built by Kevin
17-02-2014: ScanSpeak Illuminator Monitor, built by Manuel
17-02-2014: Ellam XT, built by Andrea, Italy
16-02-2014: DTQWT, built Tonny, Denmark
16-02-2014: TQWT, built Sergio, US
15-02-2014: NOMEX 164, built by John, Australia
11-02-2014: SEAS CA15RLY-22TAF/G, built by Jevgeny, Latvia
29-01-2014: Poor Man's Strad, built by Konstantinos, Greece
19-01-2014: DTQWT mkII, built by Lars, Norway
14-01-2014: PMS, built by Hugues, France
09-01-2014: CNO and other speakers, built by Alexander, Russia
04-01-2014: Zahra, built by Young, Korea

29-06-2013: DTQWT, built by Moses, Canada
27-06-2013: Ellam d'Appolito, built by Andrea, Italy
24-06-2013: Eekels' Minis, built by Vidar, Sweden
22-06-2013: DTQWT, built by Mason, US
22-06-2013: Jenzen Illuminator, built by Ball, update with final cabinets
21-06-2013: SEAS 3-Way Classic, built Mr. Wang, China
12-06-2013: CNO-25, built by George, NZ
29-05-2013: DTQWT, built by Dave, AU
21-05-2013: SEAS CURV, built by Michael, US
20-05-2013: YAMAHA NS-1000 Up-Grade Kit by Tim/AU
12-05-2013: Ellam 2.5, built by Trond
24-04-2013: ScanSpeak SP95, built by Andrea, Italy
20-04-2013: SEAS CA18RLY-22TAF-G, built by Anders, Sweden
06-04-2013: SEAS CA18RNX, 2½-way, built by Philippe, Australia
06-04-2013: SEAS Mini, built by Carl-Fredrik, Sweden
01-04-2013: SEAS Curv, built by Andrew, UK
29-03-2013: TQWT, built by Jean-Michel, France
24-03-2013: Jenzen NEXT, built by CC Li, Hong Kong
13-03-2013: Jenzen SEAS ER, built by Federico, Italy
13-03-2013: DTQWT, built by Anaël, France, beautiful woodwork!
12-03-2013: SEAS CA18RLY+22TAF-G, built by Anders, Sweden
11-03-2013: Vifa PL14 d'Appolito,built by Andrea, Italy
07-03-2013: OBL-11, built by Sergio, US. View stunning design!
06-03-2013: Ekta Grande, built by Gary, Hawaii
23-02-2013: Jenzen NEXT, built by Scott, Texas
23-02-2013: CNO-25, built by Luca, Italy
21-02-2013: SEAS Cyclop, built by Pablo, Spain
17-02-2013: Jenzen NEXT, built by Toni, Bulgaria
13-02-2013: DTQWT-12, built by Stefano, Italy
13-02-2013: CNO mkII, built by Adel, Russia
12-02-2013: Illumina-66, built by Frédéric, France
04-02-2013: DTQWT-12, built by Brian, Tasmania
03-02-2013: Illumina 66, built by Cedric, France
31-01-2013: Up-date on Valentin's DTQWT-12s
25-01-2013: Studio 101, built by Younes
12-01-2013: Eekels' Minis, built by Geir
08-01-2013: ScanSpeak 8542/9700, built by Danny, Belgium
06-01-2013: CNO-25, built by Tom, US

30-12-2012: DTQWT, built by Noël, France
28-12-2012: TQWT, built by Giulio
25-12-2012: TQWT mkII, built by Mark, US
09-12-2012: Zahra, built by Mattias, Sweden
03-12-2012: Peerless Nomex 164, built by Evan
02-12-2012: Response from Illumina 66 builders
25-11-2012: TQWT, built by Ramunas, UK
17-11-2012: DTQWT, built by Maciek, Poland
16-11-2012: Peerless NOMEX164 + Peerless center built around Mark21 design, built by Dana/Florida
08-11-2012: CNO, used for center, built by Michael, US 06-11-2012: DTQWT, built by Daniel, Russia
03-11-2012: Jenzen SEAS ER, built by Peter
02-11-2012: Jenzen SEAS ER, built by Sergio
22-10-2012: OBL-11, built by Olav, Norway
19-10-2012: Eekels' Minis, built by Pasquale, Italy
18-10-2012: DTQWT-12, built by Valentin, US
15-10-2012: Ellam XT, built by Nick
27-09-2012: SEAS W15CY001 + Hiquphon OW1, built by Joffrey, NL
27-09-2012: Ellam XT, built by Robert/UK. Probably the best Ellams ever built
21-09-2012: ScanSpeak SP95-Ellam-XT, built by Mark Dawson, AU
16-09-2012: QUATTRO, built by Juergen
16-09-2012: ScanSpeak 18W/8542 + 9700, built by Will, Seattle
03-09-2012: SEAS CA18RLY-22TAF/G, built by Silvio, France
29-08-2012: SEAS 2½-way CA18RNX/27TDC, built by Jostein, Norway
28-08-2012: TJL3W, built by John
20-08-2012: Ekta Grande, built by Igor
30-07-2012: W15LY-22TAF, built by Tom, US
15-07-2012: Jenzen Illuminator, built by Ball
15-07-2012: Ellam 25, built by Steven
15-07-2012: 3-Way Classic, built by Egor
01-07-2012: Eekels' Minis, built by Mats, Finland
26-06-2012: Jenzen ER, built by Vuk, New Zealand. Updated pics.
18-06-2012: Peerless 830860 + XT25TG, built by Orazio, Silcily, Italy. Link to his website.
06-06-2012: CNO mkII, built Young, South Korea
06-06-2012: ScanSpeak W1500/97 built by Peter, The Netherlands
30-05-2012: CNO-T25, built by Ladislav, Slovakia
28-05-2012: DTQWT, built by Valery, Russia
25-05-2012: QUATTRO-transmission line, built by Niels, Denmark
23-05-2012: Acapella SE, built by Mar, China
17-05-2012: SP44, built by Torsten, Germany.
13-05-2012: TQWT, built by Daniel, Denmark
06-05-2012: Peerless 830860, built by Tomas, Spain
03-05-2012: Ekta, built by Alan/UK
22-04-2012: DTQWT, built by Nicola, Italy
15-04-2012: CNO-25, built by James. Stunning cabinet work!
14-04-2012: Ekta, built by NNN, Italy
13-04-2012: 3-Way Classic, built by Victor, Ukraine
10-04-2012: Ekta Grande, built by Dean, US
04-04-2012: Ellam XT, built by Omar, Mexico
19-03-2012: Response from Wendy/US on JBL Up-Grade-Kit
15-03-2012: Totally Stoned 3-Way Classic, built by Federico, Italy
28-02-2012: Ellam-XT, built by Girmantas, Lithuania
28-02-2012: CNO-25, built by Ryno, South Africa
21-02-2012: CNO-25, built by Mehmet.
19-02-2012: Jenzen SEAS ER, built by Gerrit/NL
08-02-2012: SEAS W15LY001-22TAF/G, built by Daniel, Russia
25-01-2012: Ellam-98, built by Tom, Australia
24-01-2012: Jensen 1071, built by Yetkin, Turkey
20-01-2012: QUATTRO, built by Ben, US
16-01-2012: TQWT, built by Steve, UK
09-01-2012: Ekta Grande built by Tim, Australia
08-01-2012: OBL-11, built by Carl/UK
08-01-2012: Ekta Grande, built by Petr, Czech Republic
04-01-2012: CS Monitor, built by Chris
03-01-2012: NOMEX 164, built by Ed
02-01-2012: SEAS 2½-way CA18RNX, built by Kimon, AU
23-12-2011: OBL-11  built by Ivar, Norway
12-12-2011: CNO mkII built by Christoffer
11-12-2011: Peerless adventures from Ed/Holland
28-11-2011: OBL-11, built by Craig, Australia
28-11-2011: TQWT built by Andrei, Russia
18-11-2011: Post honeymoon update on Jenzen 1071 built by Bob, Holland.
18-11-2011: SEAS Mini, W15CY001 + HIQUPHON OWI, built by Max, Germany.
31-10-2011: DTQWT, built by Carlo, Italy. Maybe the best DTQWTs ever built.
28-10-2011: Jenzen SEAS ER, built by John Eekels, The Netherlands, excellent photo coverage.
28-10-2011: DTQWT, built by John Eekels, The Netherlands, excellent photo coverage.
21-10-2011: Peerless Nomex 164, built by Luca, Italy
20-10-2011: SEAS 1½-way CA18RNX, built by Andrew, Russia
06-10-2011: PMS, built by Denis, Canada - don't think the Poor Man's Strads can be made much better than this.
28-09-2011: DTQWT, built by Derrick/CA, lots of good construction pics
10-09-2011: DTQWT, built by Andy/US
07-09-2011: DTQWT, built by Joffrey, The Netherlands
05-09-2011: Scoperta, built by Andres
04-09-2011: CSM, built by Michäel
15-08-2011: Eekels' Minis, built by Trond
09-08-2011: TJL3W, built by Ingvar/Sweden. Read this article on a TJL3W transmission line
25-07-2011: 3W-Classic, built by Yan Bertrand
22-07-2011: DTQWT-12, built by Rich/US
09-07-2011: DTQWT, built by John/Canada
03-07-2011: DTQWT, built by Simen/Norway
03-07-2011: DTQWT, built by Greg/Luxembourg
28-06-2011: Cyclop finished by JB/France
27-06-2011: DTQWT, built by Mike/UK
17-06-2011: NOMEX-164, built by Tomas/Czeck Rep.
15-06-2011: Jensen 1071 built by Bob/Holland. No-compromise cabinet build
06-06-2011: ScanSpeak SP44, built by Joakim/Sweden
30-05-2011: Vifa PL14 + XT25TG built by Marc
24-05-2011: Peerless 800860 + Vifa DX25TG, built by Tae/US
20-04-2011: Cyclop, under construction by JB/FRance
20-04-2011: 3-Way-Classic, built by Denis, Russia
20-04-2011: SEAS Maja, built by Jacques/France
30-03-2011: PMS, built by Vladimir, Siberia
22-03-2011: PMS, built by Johan/Sweden
20-03-2011: Jensen-1071, built by Steve
18-03-2011: PMS, built by Daniel, Canada
16-03-2011: Cyclop, built by Dima/USA
15-03-2011: Eekels' Minis, built by Ball/Thailand
13-03-2011: DTQWT, built Becheanu Sorin, Romania 
04-03-2011: DTQWT built by Jan/Sweden
24-02-2011: Ekta, built by Arve/Norway
21-02-2011: SEAS MAJA, built by Andy, US
17-02-2011: Fostex mini, built by Tony
14-02-2011: 3-Way Classic, built by Andrew K./US
06-02-2011: DTQWT, built by Cheong/Malaysia
05-02-2011: Jensen 1071, built by Tom/USA
02-02-2011: CNO mkII, built by J./Netherlands
01-02-2011: SEAS CA18RNX/27TDC, 2½-way, built by Thomas and Roger/Norway.
27-01-2011: 3W-Classic, built by Andrew/Ukraine
25-01-2011: DTQWT mkII, built by Tomas, Czeck Rep.
12-01-2011: Peerless 830860 + XT25TG, built by Nikos/Greece
10-01-2011: PMS, built by Andy
10-01-2011: PMS, built by Linas, Lithuania
09-01-2011: Jazzman, built by Alfonso/Italy
23-12-2010: DTQWT, built by Kim/Denmark
20-12-2010: Ekta Grande, built by David/UK
14-12-2010: DTQWT built by Craig/Australia
14-12-2010: DTQWT built by Albert, Canada (update response)
14-12-2010: Peerless NOMEX 164, built by Grayden
10-12-2010: PMS, built by Max, Ukraine
29-11-2010: DTQWT, built by Nikolay, Lithuania
28-11-2010: QUATTRO, built by James/US
28-11-2010: SEAS 5-INCH, SEAS W15CY001/22TAF-G, built by Carmelo and Vincenzo, Sicily
25-11-2010: SEAS 3-Way Classic, built by Jonatan
01-11-2010: Ekta Grande, built by Enrique, Spain
01-11-2010: DTQWT, built by Daniel, Bulgaria
01-11-2010: CNO25, built by Rafal, Poland
31-10-2010: NOMEX164 built by Immanuel, Denmark
21-10-2010: CNO25, built by Jon, Norway
20-10-2010: Ekta Grande, built by Jiri, Czech Republic
06-10-2010: Pics from a Japanese TQWT project, beautiful cabs
05-10-2010: DTQWT built by Diego/Italy
02-10-2010: SEAS CA18RNX/27TFFC, 2½-way, built by Leszek
25-09-2010: SP44, built Rawin/Thailand. Beautiful woodwork!
24-09-2010: Jensen inspired construction made ny Goran. This would be a "Jensen TL 871"
20-09-2010: DTQWT-12, built by Ferraioli Pantaleone/Italy. Yes, a 12-inch, 1.5 meter version of the DTQWT
15-09-2010: SEAS W15CY001+HIQUPHON OWI, built by Remco/The Netherlands
12-09-2010: DTQWT, built by Philippe/Trinidad
12-09-2010: PMS, built by Torben/Denmark
11-09-2010: A Tannoy MG10 story from Jesper/Denmark, in Danish
02-09-2010: PMS built by Ferran, Spain
28-08-2010: DTQWT builders' response, no pics
05-08-2010: Jazzman, built by Craig, Australia
10-07-2010: Response from builders of Vifa constructions
29-06-2010: SEAS 3-Way Classic, built by Max/Ukraine
05-06-2010: Ekta, built by Ball/Thailand
17-04-2010: CNO25 built by Daniel
09-04-2010: New Cyclop cabs by Max/Ukraine and SEAS CA18RLY/22TAF-G floorstander
08-04-2010: SP38 built by Roberto/Italy.
08-04-2010: Jazzman buil by Roman/Ukraine
19-03-2010: PMS, built by Yaniv, Israel
16-03-2010: Update on Lennart's big speaker system built around the JA8008 driver
12-03-2010: PMS, built by Manolis, Greece
11-03-2010: 3W-Classic, built by Björn/Sweden
03-03-2010: Ekta,built by Staffan, Sweden
03-02-2010: DTQWT built by Mark/Denmark
27-01-2010: More response to JBL up-grade kit
25-01-2010: SEAS 3-Way Classic, built by Slawek/Poland
31-12-2009: PMS built by Patricio, Spain.
13-12-2009: DTQWT built by Peter/Denmark.
29-11-2009: PMS built by Pierre/France. An impressive exercize in CNC manufacture.
15-11-2009: SEAS W12CY003 mini built by Max/Ukraine.
28-10-2009: PMS, built by Mike Kelly/US.
21-10-2009: Cyclop, built by Max/Ukraine.
21-10-2009: Cyclop, built by Laurent/France.
18-10-2009: TJL2W built by Moshik/Israel.
20-09-2009: 3-Way Classic built by Pawel/Poland.
08-09-2009: Ekta Grande built by Wen-Shan, Taiwan.
25-07-2009: DTQWT, built by Ilpo/Sweden
03-07-2009: Ekta Grande, built by Martin/Taiwan
17-06-2009: CA18RLY/22TAF-G, built by Koen/Belgium.
04-06-2009: CNO, built by Ray/UK
02-05-2009: Ekta Grande, built by Dennis/Denmark. Comments in Danish.
18-04-2009: CNO, built by Tore, Norway.
10-04-2009: PMS built by Leif/Finland, another great piece of cabinet work.
08-04-2009: EllamXT built by Keith/US.
27-03-2009: ATR built by Sjaak/Holland.
24-03-2009: DTQWT built by Chris/Greece.
10-03-2009: Response from people having up-graded their vintage JBL L100 speakers.
06-03-2009: CSM builders' response.
01-03-2009: 3W-Classic built by Richard Kuba/Slovakia; beautiful cabs!
28-02-2009: TQWT built by Greymyth.
26-01-2009: TJL3W built by Fabio, Italy
04-01-2009: Poor Man's Strad built by Kari/Finland. Stunningly beautiful cabs!
04-01-2009: Ekta, built by Geoffrey/New Zealand
31-12-2008: SP38/13 and Vifa PL18/XT built by Yavor.
20-12-2008: DTQWT built by HUH/Thailand
16-12-2008: Ekta Grande built by Oleg/Russia
08-12-2008: JBL Recreation, built by Volker/DE
16-11-2008: CNO built by Kjell/Norway - beautiful maritime cabs!
14-11-2008: 3W-Classic built by Stephen/US.
10-11-2008: TJL3W built by Lance/UK
02-11-2008: SP95 built by David, US
25-10-2008: CNO built by Andrej with review
12-09-2008: Ekta Grande built by Koen/Belgium (beautiful cabs)
26-08-2008: 3W-Classic built by JanK/Canada
01-06-2008: SEAS-5INCH, CA18RLY built by Mats/Sweden (pdf file).
31-05-2008: Acapella SEas built by Avi/Israel.
05-05-2008: TQWT built by Liudas/Lithuania.
02-05-2008: TQWT built by John Eekels/Holland.
11-04-2008: JA8008 project from Lennart/Sweden. A gigantic project.
08-03-2008: TJL2W-Neo3-version, built by Johnny.
22-02-2008: CNO built by Kevin.
21-02-2008: Ekta built by Ken/California.
10-02-2008: My C20 kit in the hands of Per/Denmark. Correspondence in Danish only.
05-02-2008: Up-date on PMS-builders.
04-02-2008: View TJL3W built by Roman/Russia
11-01-2008: View PMS built by Albert/Canada.
09-01-2008: W15/OWI, built by Fritz Reinman. Ever tried bloodwood?