SEAS CA18RLY/T22TAF-G, built by Christian
Copyright 2019 © Troels Gravesen

Hello Troels,
After my question about the Quattro mk2 I sent you some pictures of my SEAS CA18/RLY/22TAF-G. I built them for our living room and we are very pleased with the sound too. Even this is an older and less pricy construction I listened to them in my music room and had a joyful time. I got best results placing them with a minimum of 60cm distance from the front wall. Transparent and airy sound and more bass you would expect from this size. Feel free to share the photos if you like. I built the cabinets in only one day ‘cause I had the opportunity to use a professional workshop  ;)
Thank s a lot Troels for creating all of your superbly sounding diy Kits
BR, Christian from Munich