SEAS CA18RNX, 2.5-way, built by Philippe, AU
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Hi Troels,
About a year ago I decide to build one of your design and I pick the SEAS CA18RNX, 2.5-way after reading your comment stating they could be used with any amplifier, I own a Cambridge 650. With no real knowledge in woodworking (I own a patisserie) I bought some power tools and like we said in French “je me suis jete a l’eau”.
I followed all your design to letter and If the woodworking is not perfect those speakers sound sensational to my ears and I try them with top of the range Rotel 1582 amplifier and 1580 preamplifier and they sound awesome. I love Pat Metheny and his music love those speakers. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
Regards Philippe Legall