CNO-25, built by James Dickenson
Copyright 2012 © Troels Gravesen

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Hello Troels.
Finally managed to take photos of my CNO25s. They didn't look finished without a "DIY" badge, and a “pretend” company name – so why "Resolve"? Because it took lots of this to finish them, for various reasons, but mainly because they extract and deliver significant amounts of musical detail. They do need good material and suitable electronics, and they won't attempt to smooth out anything “unmusical” - but feed them something good (usually on vinyl...) and they sound incredible. Or perhaps more accurately the music does - because you're not "listening to the speakers".
Advice for anyone planning to paint their speakers gloss black – don’t – or avoid screws and the resulting filler/sanding work - unless painting is your profession! This is the first time I've built anything of this nature, and if I did it again I'd figure out a better way to clamp the curved parts together whilst the glue dries. In comparison the crossover was a doddle...
I imagine your web space is at a premium, but if you do put some photos on your site there are several people who have helped (and some who have yet to see the results) which I’d like to thank if possible. Chris J. for drawings, Rob D. for painting advice, Matthew D. for Nextel paint, my family for their patience, and most importantly yourself for helping me turn a long-held idea into a rewarding and enjoyable reality.
Thanks again,

(PS Don’t let the pretend company name, badge etc. worry you – this is strictly DIY - I’m not going to give up my day job and go into business selling more of them - these have taken so long I would soon be filing for bankruptcy J)