SEAS CNO-25, built by Arnd
Copyright 2017 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
I finished the CNO and spend a lot of time listening to them. And, of course, to my full satisfaction. Especially the middles! I never put my focus to the middle-tones - since now. Great job! And the speaker do everything right, good stage, details, the sound comes off the speakers.
First I thought that I like to have a little more bass, but even listening more to the CNO you will remember that they will go deep, if it's on demand.
I made the cabinets from 19mm MDF and outsourced the crossover. The Base is filled with sand. I covered the surface with imitation leather, the front panel got a second layer made of acrylic glass, painted from the reverse. And I like the beautiful crossover!

Thank´s a lot for your friendly support, I´m really happy with your CNO 25. Maybe, I will change the design of the cabinet, but for the moment, everything is fine.
Best regard from Germany