CNO-25, built by Daniel
Copyright 2015 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
Your suggestion to remove R2 helped a lot even if 0R5 would be most probably sufficient nevertheless now it sounds as I would expect which leads me to the final conclusion....
It sounds excellent...precise, accurate, engaging and fun to listen especially rendition of instruments is clear as never before, the only part where my previous speakers can't be compared is bass but no wonder with extra woofer... Attached pictures of the build from the beginning till the end, it has been in my brain for nearly 5 years until I decided to give it a try and found the right carpenter who will be able to reproduce my ideas into reality, this is also my big thanks to his amazing work and patience with my sometimes "hard to realize" ideas.
Hope you like it as I do because at the end without your contribution to DIY community this won't be possible ;-)
Best regards