SEAS CNO-2.5, built by Noam, Germany
Copyright 2017 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Troels
 Already 2 years have passed since I bought the Crossover and Driver componnents for the CNO 2.5 build... and finally finished them a month ago.  So here are my thought about your design.
I assumed that if you called it a Cost No Object design I might as well put everything I can in the cabinet structur, and since I am a sucker for the old V models of Magico Loudspeaker I descided to copy as best as I can the V2 Model design. 
I went to my Local Bauhaus and found excactly what I needed, a 40mm Plywood Beech. Heavier and denser then Birch and also about twice the Price if not more (sadly)... Anyway I was in love! 
the sconed change was using a very dense HPL-Kern Plates. As a carpenter we use them in places wich are constantly abused because it such a strong and wether-proof material (in Public toilets for example :) I am pretty sure that it is excactly the same material that wilson Audio uses and calling it M and X material. 
I have sandwiched the front plate and the rear plate with it. having 10mm HPL, 30mm Multiplex and again 6mm HPL.
The inner Volume and the face plate size are of course true to your design. 
End resault is 55 kilo for a speaker, and when you tap it, it hurts :) I do not know if all the effort and money was in vein. I do not posses another CNO made of MDF so I can compare the two.... I just know that it is the absolout best I could come up with and for my selfconcious it is all that matter.
Sound wise.... I already heard a lot of very expansive stuff... but this doesn`t sound like yet another High End Box, this Loudspeaker makes music live. in Reproducing the humen voice it is the most honest presentation that I`ve heard. 
Ps. after a week or so I wisited a Hifi shop in Strasbourg... they had the Passlabs SR2 loudspeakers that uses more or less the same drivers... the retail price is 18,000 Euro! 
So, thanks Troels! you saved me a looooot of Dough! this design is Priceless and highly recommended to all who love their Music
Best of wishes from Freiburg Germany