SEAS CNO-25-mkII, built by Trevor, UK

Copyright 2020 © Troels Gravesen

Dear All 
Thank you so much for a wonderful project.  I have just finished my CNO 2.5 speakers and thought that I would send you some pictures and thoughts.

Having built some HI Fi furniture recently I was drawn to your designs by the use of birch plywood as that is something I use a fair bit  After deciding that I could not get a 3 way design under our shutters I settled on the 2.5 and set about a slightly revised cabinet design.  I wanted to get the feeling that the cabinets were carved from a solid block of birch ply so laminated up some boards and decided to go for a 45 degree mitre on the top.  That gave some issues as, with the tweeter so close to the joint, I decided to cut the rebate for the tweeter after glueing up the cabinets.  A risky strategy as if it went wrong I would have to start again.  We were lucky.  I rebated the back layer of the front panel into the side and used some purple heart for the angled trim that I took around the bottom as well.

Everything else went smoothly.  It makes sense to make a jig to rout the internal baffles and I jointed it all using my Festool domino which is good for indexing the corner joints.  Finish is wiped on Epifanes varnish thinned 50/50 and five top coats of their rubbed effect interior varnish over 5 coats of gloss.

I am trying out some home made isolating feet, which I think look good.  They have isolating sticky pads on both sides and so far (i have only finished them today) work well.

Acoustically (where I am not that experienced) I have found, even with the compromised placement in the room, that the bass is well controlled, better than the Dali floor standers they replaced and the stereo image is much wider in the room.  Needless to say they are chalk and cheese from the speakers they replace and I am very happy with them.

I have just had the first play of the remastered Abbey Road LP and Mrs C described the result as very smooth.  But she is just as happy that Spencer the frog can still sit on the speaker without banging his head on the shutters!
Here are some pictures - you will see they sit nicely next to the Wurlitzer...

The system is :
Systemdek II with rewired Rega 250 with Origin structural mod.  
Nagoka MP110
Project valve pre amp
Cyrus 3 with PSX
Project SteamBox and DAC
with best regards