SEAS CNO-4, built by Jason, UK
Copyright 2023 © Troels Gravesen

Hello and Happy New year!
My first client's Ekta mkIIs are finished and now delivered - a very happy customer! 
I have attached a few images of the Ektas and CNO4s.  I shall send you some more images and a proper write up on each soon.  
The CNO4s are still awaiting the 12" BMS drivers (hopefully next week).  I am using them as 2.5 ways and without stuffing the W22 port (I realise this isn't their optimum) - they are already incredibly good and are certainly hinting at the brilliance to come.   They would make an amazing 2.5 way with a few tweaks!  The 1st order treble is certainly beguiling and the midrange is wonderful.
I shall be in touch with some more detailed write ups and photos soon. 
All the best, 


Hello to you both, 
I trust you are both well.
The CNO4s had their first demo at the weekend.  We (the client and I) actually listened for 12 hours straight, but the client placed an order within 5 minutes!   I shall be in touch soon to order the kit.  I have another client who is likely to confirm his 851 order this week too.
The 12" BMS are in and as you say the bass in seriously potent, dynamic and deep.  It's a world of bass I have never experienced and I love it!  More to come on this too.
Thanks again to you both and I'll be in touch regarding the orders soon.
All the best,