SEAS CNO-4, built by Jason, UK
Copyright 2023 © Troels Gravesen

Hello and Happy New year!
My first client's Ekta mkIIs are finished and now delivered - a very happy customer! 
I have attached a few images of the Ektas and CNO4s.  I shall send you some more images and a proper write up on each soon.  
The CNO4s are still awaiting the 12" BMS drivers (hopefully next week).  I am using them as 2.5 ways and without stuffing the W22 port (I realise this isn't their optimum) - they are already incredibly good and are certainly hinting at the brilliance to come.   They would make an amazing 2.5 way with a few tweaks!  The 1st order treble is certainly beguiling and the midrange is wonderful.
I shall be in touch with some more detailed write ups and photos soon. 
All the best, 


Hello to you both, 
I trust you are both well.
The CNO4s had their first demo at the weekend.  We (the client and I) actually listened for 12 hours straight, but the client placed an order within 5 minutes!   I shall be in touch soon to order the kit.  I have another client who is likely to confirm his 851 order this week too.
The 12" BMS are in and as you say the bass in seriously potent, dynamic and deep.  It's a world of bass I have never experienced and I love it!  More to come on this too.
Thanks again to you both and I'll be in touch regarding the orders soon.
All the best,


Hello Troels
The first CNO4 demo led to a sale (as you know) and these are being delivered next week.
The second CNO4 demo was last week and the clients currently have some Estelon XBs, which aren't cheap speakers. To my ears it was no contest - the CNO4s were better in every department and measured much better in the room.  They were superior throughout the frequency range, had a more precise, dynamic and transparent sound and the imaging and soundstage were much superior.  A testament to your great design Troels!  The clients were very impressed too and have ordered some too!   
The client is considering the Amber Z-caps on the tweeter, but is unsure due to the extra cost (nearly £800 after taxes etc.).  Unfortunately, I only have the Alumen Z-caps on my tweeters, so they could only hear this option.   They were happy with the sound, and are wondering if the extra cost is worth the increase in sound quality.
Ideally, I would like to have the Amber Z-caps on my tweeter for demo, however, it is not affordable for me at the moment.  We are currently renovating our home, so spare funds are directed to that, which isn't as exciting as Speakers!   I do, however, intend to upgrade my speakers to Amber Z-caps when funds allow in the next year or two.  
In other news:  I shall be finishing the Revelator 851s and Discovery 861s next week, so will send photos of these too.
All the best,

Hello Troels,
Here are some pictures of the latest CNO4s for a client.  They opted for a cabinet very similar to your cabinet design.  The only real difference being a two-part cabinet per channel.  The speakers are around 35kg for the top section and 30kg for the bass section.  Two enclosures make transport and lifting more manageable and should improve acoustic separation.  I (and the client) really like the shadow gap detail too.  They are 22mm MDF clad in 3mm bamboo, with 4mm bitumen damping panels internally.  The front baffle is 40mm Bamboo ply.  I shall send some thoughts on the SQ from my client in due course.
I already own some CNO4s so, of course, love what they do!  I used to have Ekta mkIIs, which are fantastic speakers, however, (like you say) size matters!  The CNO4s simply add more presence, transparency, body and weight to a performance.  They give a greater sense of the live performance and convey dynamics with more ease.  The grand piano, cello and drums etc. simply sound more real and convincing.  Tonally the CNO4s seem more 'forgiving', but are certainly not lacking in detail or attack when it matters.  A wonderful speaker and fantastic design - Bravo Troels!
All the best,

(pics: see below at 17-04-2023)