SEAS CNO-GRANDE, built by Adam, Poland
Copyright 2023 © Troels Gravesen

Hello Troels,
I finished my CNO-Grande, they are a continuation of the CNO/Seas Bifrost which I had. That's why my CNO-Grande are a hybrid version (some old design driver and new drivers design). I already had a pair of W18 and T29, I bought a new additional pair of W18 and pair of W12CY006. I was a bit afraid if it would look good in terms of color, but it's really nice.
As for the sound, I'm delighted. I was already used to listening speakers base on seas / scan drivers in my house, but they were always 2-way or 2.5-way systems.
As for their sound capabilities, I am very pleased
From one hand CNO-Grande have great power and power of the bass, and on the other hand, with quiet listening, they can really disappear into the background, and enjoy a really delicate sound with beautiful vocals. This W12 with this crossover does a really great job.
I was a little bit afraid that they would be too big for my 6m x 5m room but it's ok. They stand too close to the wall, so I put one acoustilux sheet into the BR ports.
CNO-Grande play with:
- DIY DAC base on AD1865 chip and 5687 tube.
- DIY pre amp base on PGA2310
- DIY amp base on Accuphase topology