CNO-GRANDE, built by Andrew, UK
Copyright 2019 © Troels Gravesen

Hello Troels,
I trust you are all well in Denmark in these uncertain times.
At least the break gives me some time to write you this email and gather some photos with regards to my recent build. I previously built your CNO-25 project in June 2016 and was delighted with the results. With your announcement of the CNO-Grande in 2019 I knew I had to revisit my speakers with a view to an upgrade.
The upgrade kits were ordered and my son and I set to work on the new design. First we 3D printed models of the enclosures to help visualise the drawings. My son also made me a set of 3D printed parts to help mount the capaitors and inductors for the corssovers. These worked really well and helped with construction. Finally the cases were made and the speakers completed in October 2019.
Having run them for almost 6 months I have to say they are an improvement over the CNO 25, but they don't quite have the same aesthetics. Overall a good sonic upgrade. I'm current running the following setup:-
Rega RP3 fitted with Nagaoka MP200
Bluesound Node 2i running a Chord Qutest DAC
Marantz PM8003 amplifier
I suspect the weakest link is now my amplifier, so maybe that's the next upgrade. My son would like a pair of 'the Loudspeaker' building but I think we'd need a larger house!