SEAS CNO mkIII, built by Lech

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Dear Troels
Hope you’re well and safe.
I have already built stand mount version of CNO-mklll which to me is the best sounding stand-mount speaker i have ever heard ( thanks for providing such a great project).
For this purpose i have bought the speaker kit With  alumen  z-cap (3,9uf), and right now One question appears - Is it worth to buy amber caps in terms of upgrading sonic properties of this project - off cause i can imagine that we can hear the difference however those caps are c.a. 7-8 times more expensive than alumen so i would be grateful for few words on this topic.
Right now i can’t think of better sounding speaker than CNO mklll however based on your descriptions it looks that ATiBe is the best sounding construction so probably my next dream ( off cause i’m taking personal impressions into account however my both speakers of your design sounded outstsnding so to me you’re a kind of referencje when speaking about the Sound). Or maybe you have other favourite stand mount speaker? I would really appreciate your opinion.
Thank you in advance.
Kind regards Lech


Hello Lech
Pleased to hear the CNO-mkIII is doing well.
Using Amber-Z will be better, but much? No, we pay insane amounts of money for the last bit of information.
I would say you need an extremely good front end to justify the investment in Amber-Z.
I think you'll get more value for money in adding a bass unit to your CNO-mkIII than starting a new project with other drivers.
I can recommend this:
You can use almost any design as the driver is facing the floor and you can run the Hypex module from the speaker cables.
I don't think the ATiBe will bring you much you do not already have from your CNO mkIII. It may sound different, but better? Matter of taste.
Better bass can lift any small speaker to new levels.
Best regards