CNO-mkIII, built by Tore

Copyright 2020 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels
I built the first version of the CNO 11 years ago. At first I was content, but then the equalized midrange started to annoy me.
Half a year ago the loudspeakers had an encounter with a madras, then again with an eager vacuum cleaner, rendering them quite ugly. I put on a sad face, but inside I was rejoicing. This gave me the opportunity to engage in yet another loudspeaker project.
I was very happy to see that you came up with a new design for the CNO, so that I could recycle the drivers. I was also lucky to buy the crossovers (Amber Z) second hand here in Norway. Sorry if that's bad for business, but it saved me a few bucks because of import taxes etc.
I chose to build the slim version. The waste volume didn't appeal to me, and there was "WAF" to consider. 
I spent most of the summer on this project, a lot of sandpaper, blood, sweat and tears, but great fun. It's a bit like going on holiday, the planning and journey is equally as important as reaching the destination.
The loudspeakers are made out of 18 mm mdf with 4 mm plywood on top, and they are painted with hard wax oil. I was planning to build feet, and then have a photoshoot. I don't see that happening anytime soon, so I am sharing some pictures with you now.
I am very happy with how they sound. I would say they have a large sound image, and there is no lack of bass (this is always a concern for me).
Thank you very much for the design!
Best regards