CNO mkII, built by Adel, Russia
Copyright 2013 Troels Gravesen

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 Hi Troels,
This is my first DIY loudspeaker project. I was enjoying of building process. Thank you very much for such a useful site. Your diagrams, drawings and advice helped me in building my speakers CNO mkII. A little bit about the process of manufacturing. All parts of the body according to your drawings are made of 18 mm plywood. The front wall - 36 mm. Cabinet is covered with a light American oak veneer. Further coated matte varnish (acril)- 5 layers. Inside the cabinet according to the scheme should be 2 partitions, I added two more to increase the stiffness of the body. Wall hulls fastened with screws 4x45 мм and glue PVA D3. Veneer glued to the same adhesive. Veneer edge after gluing cut by milling cutter with copying cutter. The loudspeakers are mounted to the cabinet with screws 4x25 mm (asterisk). All interior walls are covered with damping material - acoustilux (sintepon). Acoustilux stuck on liquid nails. Appendix detailed picture of the process of manufacturing my speakers. I really liked the section on your site, where people leave their results build specific types of speaker. It really helped me to assemble. You can see the different finishes of the same speakers that make people from different countries. I hope they are useful to someone and to help create a CNO mkII.
Kindest regards, Adel/Russian Federation