CNO-mkII, built by Noam
Copyright 2019 © Troels Gravesen

Hallo Dear Troels
I have finally finished your lovely Speaker design, the CNO MKII. 
I was so impressed by the bigger brother, the CNO 2.5 that I built, that I decided to try out this one as well. Next in line is the Next 4. (already bought the kit!)
Yet again in a wanna be Magico mini Cabinet design. The building process was tedious but the results are well worth it.... 
They sound quite similar to the 2.5, having a wonderful midrange, delicate treble and the bass is very well controlled. as in the 2.5, they sound very honest, very musical and some how very analogisch, they simply love music, a joy!
So, yet again thank you very very much for this brilliant design!
Please feel free to post it in the Builder respond page... Here is a link for those who are interested in the build process