CNO25, built by Rafal/Poland

Hello Troels,
I wanted to share with you final outcome of taking CNO2 1/2 design and implementing it on my own. I was thinking very long on taking final decision which design will satify me most. I went through many many designs already using some of Polish Tonsils then also some Vifas, Morels, Peerless etc.
Finally decided to go for paper cones, light weight having in mind that bass performance will be different but midrange and highs will be beautiful. What was also important was the look of those speakers :) They are just pretty :)
Bought CNO-25 speakers set with T29CF0002 tweeters and started the cabinet construction.
Cabinet was though one as everything was hand work as it was not easy to get access to the CNC machine. I followed your recommendation for the construction of the cabinet, damping, chamfering etc. Good piece of advise I really appreciate that!
Crossover was not so straightforward. I took some coils for the tweeters that had better resistance parameters. Unfortunately it ended up with higher sensitivity of the tweeter and uneven frequency response. Just applied bigger resistor doing some measurements and everything works now.
General remark: Speakers are great - real top class BUT not from the first hours of playing.... It took half a year to reveal real potential of those speakers. Bass response significantly improved, midrange sounds nicer. This should be important for future builders - do not give up when running those speakers for the first time - wait for sound to come.
Finishing: took as much time as buiding. Hand work again. Was using veneer and a super MOMENT glue. Then I tried the oldest known method of finishing - I used wax to give the speakers the final look. I must admit that the result is beautiful and what is the most important they look different from anything I saw on the retail market.
I really appreciate your effort in building the page and your kind support via email. Thank you once again. I think the next step will be moving to high efficiency speakers :)
Best regards,
Rafal / POLAND