CNO mkII built by Christoffer
Copyright 2011 Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels! 
Finally my loudspeakers are finished. Thank you very much, Troels, for the CNO mkII design. The sound is very present and transparent and at the same time comfortable. My girlfriend said one day, quite impressed, that it is just like the band is inside our living. I was afraid after reading comments of the speaker that there would be a lack of bass, but I find it satisfying. 
The design is utterly inspired by Magico Minis. I put the bass reflex port in front due to easier speaker placement. The volume was, after several volume studies in cardboard to pass the wife acceptance test, reduced to 18,5L. 
Due to my wallet I chose to use the T29CF001 tweeter. I tried out both the R1061=5,6 ohm and R1061=6,8 ohm. Both sounded great, but had some disadvantages. The 5,6 created a very detailed and crisp sound image, but was a bit tiring to listen to for long time. The 6,8 was very pleasant and enhanced the voices a lot, but was a more boring to listen to for long time. I ended up with R1601=6 ohm (two 12 ohm in parallel) and both the voices and the details are to my ears in perfect harmony. I guess this is more similar to the T29CF002 setup. 
Thanks again. -Christoffer