built by Kevin

Mail #1:
Hi Troels,   My question is on your parts list for the CNO with the 001 tweeter resistors,I understand all but in the xover layout you call out a 3.3ohm(R2011) not in the parts list. Is this value right for the 001 tweeter?   I'm building your CNO,I've ordered everything on the parts list. Jantzen coils,superior z-caps,etc.The resistors I can pick up at a local speaker shop.   Let me know about the resistors.   Kevin

Mail #2:
Hey Troels,   Just wanted to give an update on your CNO project I'm working on.   Have the crossover in the rough stage (see pic) this might look different after I get the cabs built. Will probably start on the cabs this weekend.I'm going with a piano gloss black finish. I'll keep you up to date as progress continues.   Take care,   Kevin

Mail #3:
Hi Troels,   Just wanted to let you know I have the CNO's up and running in my rough cabs and first impressions are pretty amazing.Very detailed and smooth. Listened to a live Cold Play CD and felt as if I was front row,nice wide sound stage. I'll get some pictures to you as soon as I put the finishes on them.   Take care,   Kevin

Mail #4:
Just wanted to share my new joy Ive experienced. My original CNO's,now monitors still with original crossovers have found a amazing transformation with my a new Conrad Johnson SA250 SS amp.At 125wch this amp is bringing out what these drivers truly need,super clean bass, smooth as butter mids and upper frequencies are truly amazing.Total night and day difference compared to my old Nuforce amps.There monitors are now one of the best speakers I've ever herd.
I now have more appreciation of your quality and hard work with these drivers. One day I might try the CNOmk11 crossover,but at this rate I cant see changing anything. Still havent finished the piano gloss on the cabs I'm working on it. Take care.

Thanks Kevin for mails and pics. Your crossover made me put together a suggested crossover layout. Best regards Troels