CNO built by Ray/UK
CNO-builder's diary:

Things are starting to take shape! As promised, I said I'd send photos after the weekend.

They're a bit messy with the glue round the edges (admittedly this is the worse of the two cabinets - finished clamping it up at nearly midnight - I booked an assistant for the 2nd cab!), but as I'm planning on spray painting them, I'll need to sand them down anyway.
Just got to line the cabinets with the damping materials and fit the front baffles (after I've chamfered the woofer's opening) then I can get on with finishing them off. More pictures again next week.

One last question (I promise!): Is it worth filling the cavity in the base with anything? Sand for example? I had thought of filling it with Polyester Resin (and a mineral dust), but as I'm not going to bother with the fibreglass I'd mentioned previously, I haven't bought the supplies in time to do that this weekend.I'll go and see how much sand is at the builder's merchants near my workshop in the morning!

As for your comment about creating a file for my images. I can burn them all onto CD at a higher resolution and post them out to you if you like? (we have an email file size limit so I have to shrink them down to email them). As suggested beforehand, I'm more than happy to send you all the drawing and 3D data I've created also? As before, another update will follow the weekend. Have a good one! Ooops!

Forgot to send you an update after the last weekend! The cabinets are now lined with damping and fully assembled with the front panels. I 'just' have to prepare them for painting and get them sprayed up now. and the crossovers - I've been putting them off for now!) Anyway, the driver opening chamfers: Not as deep as I would have liked (about 12mm), but the best I could do with the wrong router bit. Finished with the Dremmel and lots of hand sanding anyway! Damping1st, the 6mm Bitumen Rubber strips. Then the Antiphon LDA sheets (2mm felt material laminated with 10mm Foam) Egg Crate foam: I told you I had lots! (in a number of different thicknesses and profiles) I used the thickest foam immediately behind the driver: And the deepest profile at the bottom of the cabinet's internal volume (the solid brace that separates the cabinet): I used some of the thinner materials on the other facesThen lined the rear, top and base of the cabinet with the fibre (after fitting the speaker cablesI used masking tape to position some strips of the Antiphon material between the brace panels with the backing material removed. Then trial fitted the front panel to allow the self adhesive to locate them in the correct locations on the rear of the front panelsI did use sand in the bottom of the cabs in the end.
I'll weigh the finished cabinets to see how heavy they are! I have Thursday booked off work in advance of the Easter bank holiday, which should give me plenty of time to rout the radii onto the cabinet edges and start painting them with primer, so I should have some more pictures for you next week!

Latest images: Black aerosol spray lightly applied to aid visibility of low, pitted areas. Where the low spots remain, the black remains in place after sanding, showing where more filler is required (there's a patch on the side edge positioned roughly between the driver openings). More pictures of them after the 1st coat of primer should follow. I sprayed them at the weekend, but the batteries ran out on my camera before I'd had chance to get any more images. I'll get some tonight if I get chance to make it down to the workshop! Should be ready to top coat by this weekend...

Thanks for the comments on my CNO build. I agree, I think they're going to look really good once they're sprayed and assembled up. As usual, there'll be some more images after the weekend, hopefully showing them in full colour. There's just a couple of hours prep work left to do on them in the morning now then I should hopefully be spraying them in the afternoon. However, I've been doing some thinking while I've been doing all this sanding! (I've had a lot of time to just think while my elbow's been doing the work flatting the primer down!) I have come up with an idea for a "Deluxe" version of the CNO cabinets. Using the same laminating production method as I plan to build my TL design with, I thought that it would be really easy to make a curved/elliptical version of the cabinets. By using several layers of MDF or Timber (Plywood would look amazing, showing it's own laminates on the end grain), they could be laminated together to generate the required cabinet internal volume. I've looked at the internal volumes, and the necessary dimensions the laminates would need to be to achieve the volumes of the CNO designs:

Not finished I'm afraid, ran out of light on Saturday, so I still have to spray the clear coats to achieve the gloss. Apologies for the quality of the final image, the batteries on the camera were running low, so I couldn't use the flash! Better images to follow later in the week..

Wow! I wasn't expecting the images to be up on the site so soon! I had better pull my finger out and make sure I get the cabinets finished this week/end now! Feel free to include any of the following drawings or 3D files I have produced on your site also: Finally got the cabinets sprayed: You can take the blurry image off your website now! I'll get some better photos for you once I've polished the paint finish and assembled the drivers. Regards

Thanks, Yeah, the hours of sanding have paid off finally! Can't wait to hear them now! Regards.

Mirror polished: Assembly tonight... It's crossover time!

Hi Troels,
Finally! They make noise!
Had a slight delay with the crossovers at the weekend when I noticed that some of the resistors were the wrong value (0.33's instead of 3.3's!  My mistake for not ordering the right ones, but a good job we spotted the mistake!) Also, I noticed that I'd been supplied with Cross Caps, rather than the Standard Z's I'd ordered! Too late now though, they're soldered up!
I was a little apprehensive before powering the amp up to be honest, but all that dissolved during the first intro I listened to. These speakers truly do sound amazing!

I can't imagine how they're going to improve as the drivers break in over the next couple of weeks listening!?!? The cabinets are nice and sturdy too, even heavy basslines played at substantial volume levels don't make the sides of the boxes resonate (remember the sides are 18mm material, thinner MDF than the rest of the panels so I was concerned they wouldn't be strong enough). I'll send some better pictures in a day or so when I have better light. Thanks again for all your help and correspondence, I hope my realisation of your design has done it justice? Regards Ray

Download Ray's excellent drawings for his CNO:


Construction pics