CNO built by Tore/Norway

Hi Troels,
I recently completed my CNO's. First version of crossover with TJL2W-cabinets. The finish is walnut burl veneer.

I guess you'd rather like to get some feedback on your latest version of crossover and cabinet design, but I purchased all the parts and materials days before you made the changes. Perhaps you remember I sent you and email, a bit worried that the first version was no good. Well, I got some comforting words from you and went ahead with the project.
A lot of work for an amateur such as myself, but I enjoyed it. It's almost a bit sad that I'm finished. When I first listened to the speakers I was disappointed. The sound didn't the match the size of the speakers, they sounded like a couple of bookshelf-speakers. The midrange and treble was however impressive from start.
After a few days the sound changed completely. The bass became full and deep. So I agree with Terry from Canada; break-in is required for these drivers. I've listened to a lot of different music lately and I didn't find many recordings that don't sound great on these speakers. Because the sound is so detailed they have no mercy on bad recordings, but that's a price I'm happy to pay as I prefer listening to quality music. The speakers perform great at all listening-levels, and sometimes I'm not even aware if the music is turned up loud or not.

Thank you for a great design and for answering my questions during the process. Take care, Tore from Stavanger, Norway